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Full Version: Jeff Lacy vs. Nick Diaz Signed
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Byrd Man
This might be an interesting fight here.

From the Scene

The hottest fighter in the mixed martial arts landscape right now is Stocktons own, Nick Diaz. He is currently riding an 11-fight win streak and has been mentioned as a potential super-fight candidate to face-off against UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre at the end of 2011.

Due to the structuring of Diaz's contract with MMA outfit, Strikeforce, he is in a unique position where he can contractually pursue a professional boxing career in addition to his mixed-martial arts title reign.

While rumors of opponents such as former champions Fernando Vargas and Roy Jones Jr. have been floated around, neither mans team have yet solidified a contract with the young champion.

A few moments ago, former IBF super-middleweight champion & devastating knockout artist, Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy, officially signed on the dotted line to square off against Diaz in the Fall of 2011.

Lacy possesses the type of dangerous punching power in both hands that can end the double digit win streak of the rugged Northern California champion.

Don Chargin states, "This is a very dangerous fight for both men. Not only is this fight dangerous but stylistically it is very intriguing. I expected more resistance from fight fans and media in regards to this match-up but its amazing as to the hundreds of calls and e-mails I've received from fans on both sides wanting to see this match-up take place. I've received more than a few inquiries from some other very high-profile boxers that want to step up and fight Nick. Its been a real whirlwind."

Chargin continues, "I've been around boxing for quite some time and I've seen a lot of great, tough fighters in my six decades within the sport. I believe that if Nick had been one of those kids who had picked up boxing from a youth, he'd undoubtedly be a world-champion today. Sometime within the next 2 weeks I'll be personally making the trek to Cesar Gracies gym to setup a private, closed door sparring session between Nick and a few nameless top-level contenders I have in mind."

Can Jeff Lacy refocus his career to regain the once promising glory that lingered at his fingertips just a few short years back?

Can Nick Diaz's granite chin withstand the devastating punching power of arguably the hardest punching 168-pound fighter on the planet?

These questions will definitely be answered before the end of 2011 as the fight titled, "Breaking History" is fairly self-explanatory.
Box in Hand
Jeff Lacy sucks and Diaz knows it. Lacy is a shell after Calzaghe and even though Diaz is not champion boxing level material I suspect he will out box Lacy who has no spirit left.
Lacy might have some ringrust but I sure hope he KOs Nicc... boxing is a whole diff beast then MMA... I see Lacy KOing him in the latter half of the fight...
King Eugene
Calzaghe ruined him and old Roy Jones finished him. I hope Lacy wins though because the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of rabbit MMA fans barking about how MMA is better than boxing. Two poor examples in Toney entering MMA and a washed up, dryed out, pressed, washed again and hung dry Lacy.
QUOTE (King Eugene @ May 6 2011, 08:23 PM) *
Calzaghe ruined him and old Roy Jones finished him. I hope Lacy wins though because the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of rabbit MMA fans barking about how MMA is better than boxing. Two poor examples in Toney entering MMA and a washed up, dryed out, pressed, washed again and hung dry Lacy.

lol... my thoughts exactly..

Notice how those MMA fans went GHOST when Ray Mercer put Tim Sylvias tall ass to sleep... lol
Lacy kicks that ass.
QUOTE (JONdaCON817 @ May 6 2011, 08:47 PM) *
lol... my thoughts exactly..

Notice how those MMA fans went GHOST when Ray Mercer put Tim Sylvias tall ass to sleep... lol

I'm an MMA fan, and so are you Jon, lol. And I didn't go anywhere.

Diaz versus Lacey is a better match-up than Toney and Couture. Though I fully expect Nick to get spanked if the fight happens. He's got decent hands but little power. Best chance Lacey will ever have to get a win over a "big" name, even if that name was made in another sport, lol.
QUOTE (Warlord @ May 6 2011, 09:55 PM) *
I'm an MMA fan, and so are you Jon, lol. And I didn't go anywhere.

lol.. your right bro..

but i meant the MMA only fans when i said 'those'... ya kno, the ones who dont watch any boxing or arent fans.. they were all over the place after the Toney loss. but said nothing when Sylvia went down.

I think Nick Diaz is gettin a little too coccy for his own good... hes a good fighter no doubt but i doubt he can keep a good pace throught a 10-12 round fight... if i was Lacy ide let him blow his load early and pummel him in the later rounds..

i juss cant help but to remember the end of the Noons/Diaz 2 fight.. they both were barely able to keep thier hands up let alone throw punches with any kinda power behind them...

most MMA guys prepare there stand up for more of a sprint.. when in boxing you have to be in more of a Marathon type of shape...
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ May 7 2011, 09:41 AM) *
Lacy KOs Diaz if it is scheduled for more than 5 rounds. 5 or under, it is conceivable that Diaz could get a split decision, though very unlikely. Lacy aint much in boxing anymore, but he has gone the distance with world class competition, repeatedly, winning most of them. He has only been stopped once, and that was more a lack of heart. He still has plenty of heart and skill to whip a mouthy MMA fighter with one four round decision over another hapless bastard making his pro debut.

What is this, a qualifier to get an opportunity to touch RJJ's jaw?

Roy Jones is a far more dangerous opponent then Lacy IMO.. thats if he keeps his chin down and hands up of course.

it would be a joke if they only went a handful of rounds... ide say atleast 8 rounds would safice.
Nick is stupid for takeing this fight he has good hands for and MMA fighter but not for pro boxers even one the leve lof lacey.

lacey stops him.
Lacy is so washed up right now, and he is done. He just lost his last fight to Dhafir Smith, who is 23-19. I know Smith has been known as a spoiler in the past, but this is not a fight that a former champ usually loses unless he is truly done. Arguably, Lacy has lost his last five fights, as many felt Otis Griffin did more than enough to get the nod in that fight and that Mendoza took a close one too. With all that said, Lacy should dominate this fight. An MMA fighter can't come into boxing and compete at this level, just like a boxer can't go into MMA and compete at that level. It's apples and oranges here, and they are two completely different sports. Lacy should stop him early, before the 5th round with superior technique and experience in the ring. If Lacy loses this fight, that would be really bad for boxing imo.
Diaz wins just cus Lacey is so over the hill, otherwise Lacey circa 2006 woulda beat the fuck outta that stoner
And up until now most people had been saying any mid level boxer beats any MMA fighter at boxing. Lacey is mid level (formerly much higher rated)... its a boxing match... and now all of a sudden its too easy a fight for the MMA guy

Just so we are certain, how good a boxer must Diaz face before everyone will be crowing he has no chance? Have some confidence in your sport... friends.gif
QUOTE (Fitz @ May 8 2011, 02:57 PM) *
Haha. That's true. Boxing people seem to already be putting in some built in excuses.

Courture wasn't elite at the time either when he fought Toney, was he?

Couture was still closer to elite level than Toney was lol. I'm not ragging on boxing i'ma much bigger boxing fan by a mile than I am MMA i'm just calling it as i see it. Lacy is so far past his prime and losing to dudes with 23-19 records, while Nick Diaz is in his prime and considered one of the best welters in the sport. I wouldn't be shocked if Lacy pulled off the win, but i defs wouldn't bet on it at this point in his career
Diaz is a part time boxer, He divides his time between grappling, JJ, kicks, knees, elbows and boxing. How much better is Diaz's boxing going to get after devoting one training camp to it? Probably the same amount Toney improved his take down defence (ie not much)

Alot of people are banking on that " Lacy is washed up " theory but I'm very confident that he still has what it takes to beat this glorified amatuer in Diaz. Lacy may have been damaged, mentally, but pshysically, he's not shot. IT's all mental and I know he's going to be up for this fight, both mentally and physically. He's going to be the boss in that ring and catch diaz with something fierce.

Look for Diaz to take a beating and jeopardize his fight against Pierre.
King Eugene
Look for Lacy to lose and claim his shoulder wasn't as healthy as he thought it was.
There is no way Lacy loses this fight. An MMA fighter just can't come into a boxing ring and fight an experience pro like this. It doesn't work that way, just as boxers can't go into an MMA ring and compete with their seasoned pros. Lacy will win every round of this fight, even if his shoulder is hurt. I just hope Lacy doesn't get too much hype for it, and end up getting a big-time fight which he'll get a beating. He is washed up, but not washed up enough to get beat by Nick Diaz.
This fight is dead because MMGAY Nick Diaz just backed out . Had second thoughts about getting his ass beat. I'm kinda disappinted.
I'm certain he got a call from Mount Baldy.
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