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Full Version: Jury Duty
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Seriously, why the fuck does the US govt. have people under the age of 24 doing jury duty? I get this wonderful letter in the mail that says I have to do it starting June 13, but I kind of start a new job fresh out of college on this date and will by flying to Atlanta for training. So this will be the 2nd time I postpone on them, and hopefully they grant it. Doesn't the govt. realize that this isn't the easiest time for students coming out of college, and it's hard enough to find a job as is. Don't they realize that even if students get into a firm, they may not have that much leeway in the firm being a younger associate. Maybe this is a cynical way of looking at things, but I just think college students have a lot more to worry about than being on jury duty. I know everybody has their problems, so I'll keep the rant short. It just makes me curious that that the govt. wants 18-23 year olds on jury duty, when 90% don't understand the world in the first place. Anybody else have issues with jury duty?
haha that was a nice rant at 4 in the afternoon. I get where you're coming from with a lot of that, and I'm sure a Big 4 accounting firm would completely understand. I just sent the letter back to them with my written approval, and I'm sure they won't force me into it.
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