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Full Version: Crossroad/Comeback fights?
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Alot of fights that could be made for boxers trying to get back on track..


P.Williams-K.Cintron II






Who you guys got?

Any other matchups yous think would be good?
F.Montiel-J.Perez: Interesting fight. Perez seems like he should have the style with height and reach, but I don't know after his last fight. I think Montiel will just want it more. Not sure how, but I could see Perez folding late in the fight.

P.Williams-K.Cintron II: I will pick Williams. I just can't bring myself to picking Cintron to win a fight of this level. He will find a way not to win.

K.Pavlik-A.Abraham: Very close and interesting fight. Both fighters on the slide. I will take Pavlik by maybe close decision.

J.Clottey-L.Collazo: Have not seen Collazo in a while, but I think I would have to take Clottey on this one.

M.Katsidis-M.Ascota: Acosta was impressive in his losing effort, and Katsidis has been the same in all of his. Not sure on this one, but will sure as hell be entertaining.

J.Diaz-B.Rios: Close fight, and Diaz will match if not be better than Rios early in the fight. The difference is Diaz doesn't hit hard and Rios does. Rios also probably takes a better shot. Diaz probably winning early to first half of the fight, in the end. I think Rios will just be the more durable.

R.Mayorga-P.Wolak: Haven't really seen much of Wolak, other than the Foreman fight. Not sure.

There's some good fights here. I would love to see all of them.

I think Montiel would have too much movement for Perez, even at this point. Donaire is such a beast, and I don't think that result should be reflective on what Montiel could still do. Perez just seems to be a bit flat on his feet, and I can see Montiel outboxing him to a close decision.

Paul Williams would be too much for Cintron. I still don't think Cintron has the mental strength to deal with a fighter that throws a lot of punches and can bring pressure. Even though Cintron had success in the early goings of their first fight, Williams was coming on when Cintron jumped from the ring. I don't see Cintron holding up for 12 rounds.

Pavlik-Abraham would have been a huge fight in fall 2008, but Pavlik went ahead and fought Hopkins. This could have been unification for the middleweight crown. Abraham needs to get back down to his fighting weight, and so does Pavlik for that matter. He's never looked good above 160, but apparantely he's having a rough time making the weight. Abraham still doesn't throw any punches in there, and that has showed throughout the super six tourney. Pavlik looked terrible in his last fight, but he'd be the busier fighter here with that jab and right. He'd keep Abraham at bay and not let him get off any shots. Pavlik would take this by easier than expected decision.

Collazo easy in this one. Collazo is an underrated welterweight, and most fighters avoid him. He's slick, has good hand speed, and actually lets his hands go. He practically beat Berto imo, and can compete at a top level. Clottey would sit there in that shell, and not let his hands go like usual. Collazo outworks him and wins just about every round.

Acosta-Katsidis could be the best fight out of all these. Acosta would start well, utilizing good movement and a jab. It all depends if Katsidis has enough to try and wear him down like Rios did. Rios was a fresher fighter, but Katsidis has been in so many rough fights that I don't know what he has left. I think Acosta would take this one.

Why is Bam Bam Rios at the crossroads? He just won the lightweight title in a war last February. Anyway, this would be a great fight regardless. Juan Diaz is shot, and I don't think he'd hold up well under the pressure of Rios. Rios hits harder and would always be one step ahead of Diaz.

Wolak throws the straighter shots, and seems to take a decent shot. If Mayorga hurts him it's over, because Wolak likes to stand right in front of you. However, if Wolak could take the shots, then he wins an easy decision or stops him.

F.Montiel-J.Perez: Montiel is still a beast by all accounts and unless that Donaire KO took a lot out of him physically and mentally, he should win this fight, possibly by stoppage.

P.Williams-K.Cintron II: Same as above.. I feel Williams is still an elite contender and unless that Martinez KO did more damage that expected he should still be able to beat Cintron.

K.Pavlik-A.Abraham: Close fight and tough call.. both guys are there to be hit and have KO power, but i've seen Pavlik get rocked more than Abraham. I'd give the slight edge to Abraham simply cus Pavlik hasn't fought many guys as big as Abraham and if Abraham can tag PAvlik as much as Alfonso Lopez did, I expect to see Pavlik hit the mat atleast once or twice. Abraham by Close decision or late TKO

J.Clottey-L.Collazo: That turtle shell defence combined with a desperate need to redeem himself after that embarassing Pacquiao loss will win the day for Clottey. UD.

M.Katsidis-M.Ascota: Acosta by UD or late stoppage. Katsidis is a tough banger, but I don't expect him to break Acosta down like Rios was able to do. Juan Diaz and Czar Amonsot stood in there and fought phone booth style with Katsidis and survived...As long as Acosta fights smart like he did in the first 5 rounds vs. Rios, he'll take the dub.

J.Diaz-B.Rios: Brandon Rios all day. He'll break Diaz down ala Marquez style in the mid-late rounds.

R.Mayorga-P.Wolak: Haven't seen enough of Wolak, but from all accounts he's a decent, rugged prospect, nothing extraordinary though. this fight looks pretty meaningless on paper and in real life...but i'd have to say either a Mayorga KO or a Wolak decision
I know the first is like an exhibition fight, but they are now separate, but how would a fight between:

-DLH vs Mosley III at 154 go?


-Margarito vs Mayorga at 154 now? (I brought this fight up a few weeks ago but regarding their primes at 147)

-Pavlik vs Kessler

-Morales vs Judah at 140

-Katsidis vs Morales

-Katsidis vs Barrera

-Montiel vs Arce
Man, I'd have to take Margarito at 154. Margarito still has a chin, as evident in the last Pac fight. He's walk through those shots, and knock the mentally weaker man in Mayorga by body blows. Margarito's career might be done though cause of that eye injury.

Kessler defeats Pavlik in a battle of the one-two's.

Judah would be too fast and powerful for the way past his prime Morales. Judah has better skills and speed than Maidana, but Morales could take some of the latter rounds if Judah got unfocused. Judah seems like a new man now though.

Pure war with Katsidis-Morales. This is a fight that Morales would look good in, as Katsidis won't move and he'll be right there for Morales. Katsidis has had a lot taken out of him as well, and who knows how much he has left. I'd take Morales in an upset close decision here.

Barrera doesn't seem to have much left, but he's still winning some fights. Barrera seems conflicted at times whether he wants to box, or just brawl. I think Katsidis could outwork him, and break Barrera down to the body.

Damn, this would have been a huge fight a few years ago as well. I gotta go with Arce though, as he just defeated a solid boxer in Vazquez. He walked that dude right down, and broke him down with body shots. I think he could do the same to Montiel, but Montiel will have his moments. This would be a great contrast of styles.

Alexander v Matthysse is a good one coming right up.

Berto v Maidana would be of interest.
QUOTE (ViperSniper @ May 18 2011, 02:21 AM) *
Alot of fights that could be made for boxers trying to get back on track..


P.Williams-K.Cintron II






Assuming the Donaire fight didnt take too much out of Montiel, I say he wins. Perez is too straight forward and is unable to fight in more than one gear when necessary. Montiel's movements and punches from odd angles would catch him hard and often. I'd lean towards Montiel..

I thought Cintron clearly had the momentum up until the point he flew out there like Nacho Libre.. I dont think Paul Williams will ever be the same afer suffering a KO loss like that one and I'd comfortably pick Cintron to beat him in a rematch.

Abraham is just a one trick pony but I think Pavlik could beat him. People knock on him for the way he looked against Lopez was Lopez was an undefeated fighter with an awkward style.. It's not easy to look good against someone like him but I thought Kelly was experimenting some new moves in there such as the short left hooks he was landing. Pavlik beats Abraham..

As always, Clottey doesnt throw enough to win here. Collazo is one of the most underrated guys out there and he'd oupoint Clottey easy..

Acosta would outbox Katsidis and pretty much beat him just everyone else has..

Rios and Diaz are basically the same type of fighter but one has a good chin/good power and the latter has decent power/average chin.. Rios can take as much as he dishes out but can Diaz do the same?? Rios would TKO Diaz..

Mayorga beats the shit out of Wolak..
Who you guys got?

Any other matchups yous think would be good?

Good list Viper.

I particularly like Williams-Cintron and Diaz-Rios. Christ, that would be a pretty good year of fights if they came off.
King Eugene
Rios would get out boxed for about the first 5-6 rounds and then his will to win will take over and he'll stop Diaz late.
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