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Full Version: Williams V Lara
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and the NEW
Huge step up in competition for Lara who looked good up until his last fight.

I guess he wants a decent payday right now, given he may not get to fight a 'name' if he continues to perform like his last outing.

Nonetheless, this will be good to see a well schooled amateur vet in against a seasoned professional.
and the NEW
Yeh, all fair points Fitz. The only problem is, other than that knockout punch by Martinez, the first fight was close as hell, which is a real testiment to Williams ability also.

Not to mention, he put a number on Quintana in the rematch and also had no problems with Winky (another southpaw).

I think this is a relatively comfortable win for Williams and am surprised Lara is stepping up so quick. Although I think Lara could definately give Williams some problems in the first few rounds.......

A match I will most definately watch.
Interesting fight. Both have good skills and Like Fritz said Lara is still fresh on the pro level while Williams has more experience. See the problem with Williams is that he fights like a short guy not his height. If Williams was taught to fight his height and to push off his back foot more often he would be KO'ing and outboxing almost everyone cause of his freakish physical stature at his current weight. He had the tools to beat Martinez but again fights like a short guy. Lara might surprise us he definitely has power and could end up hurting Williams. Lara will have to use his mobility and straight left hands as he is a south paw and time Williams every time he bends down to launch them Gatling guns. Williams should work Steward or get Hearns and maybe Atlas in his corner. I predict Williams will win by Split Dec.
Very interesting matchmaking.

This is probably too much of a step up for Lara, but it is also a dangerous comebacker for PWill, who is literally nothing more than a ? right now.

I would hate to miss this fight live.
Intriguing ass fight right here but I'm more interested in the undercard, Shimoda/Ramos.. IT just might turn out to be something special..
Williams handlers are so fucking stupid. This will probably set PWill back big time!

Lara UD.

If I'm Team Williams, I'll target Josh Clottey. It's a name and PWIll would win that match 99 out 100 times!
i have to lean towards lara in this one as well... not a good fight for p will at all...
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