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Full Version: Is Floyd Mayweather afraid to fight Manny Pacquiao?
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What Y'all think?
I doubt anyone who makes a living off fighting is afraid of anyone.... im not even that great of a boxer and ill damn near fight anyone....

now afraid of losing.... thats a diff story.

Another awesome thread.
Gay thread. Why would Floyd be afraid of a limited guy like Pacquiao? what are you some kind of comedian. Floyd probably laughs his ass off whenever he sees how one dimensional pac is in the ring. He relishes the thought of catching his cruel ass for his amatuerish mistakes.

Only thing that puts fear into Floyd's mind is the THOUGHT of losing his 0.. But he's not scared of any fighter..
Jack 1000
Hey All,

To several of our new poster friends. Note that this topic has been done to death for the last two years. And because they all say the same things over and over again, I want to direct all of you to our special Archive Forum, which contains a Pinned up Thread of Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao updates and negotiations. You can all find it over there:

When we actually get a signed date for the fight we might bring the topic back out to the general forum. But you guys can have a good time reading about the topic here: "Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Saga Continues."

In the meantime, this thread will be closed.


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