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Full Version: Classic Threads From The Past!
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Jack 1000
Hey Everyone,

To continue to expand our treasure chest of archive material I have begun a search of some of the best, funniest, and most memorable Fight Hype posts and threads from years past. In keeping with the tradition of this being our most memorable threads, our staff wants to have this represent only the best, and funniest threads from years gone by.

To maintain quality and protect our integrity, no threads representing any type of trolling, spam, or racist content will be posted. Some of the posts represent good outcomes and some posts represent not-so-good outcomes, but they all represent something different, funny, or unique to our community. Rest assured, you will not find any other content like this on other message boards or websites..............anywhere!

We will provide a summery of each thread. All the URL's will (and must come) from Fight Hype's database. If staffers have any ideas for the Classic Threads from the past to be included in this forum, please post these ideas in the moderator forum for consideration. Thanks!

Oh, btw the highlighted words you see in the link results have nothing to do with the post itself, they are just the search terms used in the query to find the posts.




Our first post from the Archives: "Is Steve Farhood Full of It?" Where three of our classic posters went on and on about nothing! Here it is: farhood&st=0
Jack 1000
By Request:

Lefthook's "Meltdown": Lefty for many years was a great poster, so good in fact, that he became a moderator. He helped us with some contests and stuff, but one day, it was like his whole personality changed when he got booted from a chat session. This thread links to how that went down.


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