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Full Version: BoxingWizard23 Introduction:Nice to meet you
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Hello, I'm BoxingWizard23 as my name entails. I'm obviously a bit fresh to FH and so far I like it here. This site has many different characters who all don't have the same views or opinions which is good. Now, my average post on my personal Topic forums is atleast 5 or views is 10. I know I just started but I have alot of good ideas for topics and I believe I should average out more. I know my boxing pretty well and is only getting better. I am a boxing fan first a pure boxing fan. Use to be a huge fan of them Rocky type fights. Straight brutality with no head movements or real technique or gameplan. But as I grew more interested in the sport I found out it's more to it than just throwing hundreds of punches until someone is knocked out. It's harder to stick to a specific gameplan of techniques than it is to just throw wasteful punches until something lands. It takes patience,dedication, composure and above all extreme focus. That's why I became such a huge fan of the likes of the Leonards, Ali's, Sweet Pea, Willie Pep,Winky Wright, Vernon Forrest, Dela Hoya and Mayweather. To me Mayweather is the best defensive boxer I have ever seen I have studied days of fights of multiple defensive known and unknown boxers like George Chuvalo(look him up quick). Mayweather is a rare breed if not the only. He is the definition of a complete pure boxer. He can hit you at any angle,can fight going forward or backwards, can fight in the pocket, great footwork, can adapt to anyones style, thinks ahead, picks his shots very carefully, and he has the best accuracy hits of all time in any fighter (check it). What's not to like except his Money Mayweather persona again (PERSONA). I will always respect a boxer more than a brawler because it takes more to be a boxer than a brawler. I do believe them Rocky movies hurt the overall perspective of the sweet science of boxing. More people love a bloodbath than they do a clear masterful masterpiece clinic victory. We love wars not dominations. We love drama not a clear cut predictable end. We love seeing vulnerability than we do invincibility. That's why most don't put the likes of Marciano or Calzaghe as their top tier boxers or neither Mayweather for that fact. Hope everyone produces some good material to read and let the fun begin.

lETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome... lookin forward to reading some of these ideas and threads from you.
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