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Full Version: You Don't Know Shiiiiii...
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See this is here is what I don't get. People always claim they boxing fans but they really don't know shit about boxing. They think that boxing is just a one dimensional ass sport. That it's all about throwing punches, or who throws the most punches, or who looks fucked up the most at the end. That rocky balbullshit fucked up peoples head with that. If you watched the movie they all played out the same. Rocky comes back to fight and gets his ass whoopped and somehow just brings out that eye of the tiger bullshit from outta his ass and starts throwing bombs like it's the Cold war. People love seeing a battle they don't like seeing domination or closure. They want someone to get their asswhooped and look honourable while doing it. See this here no one appreciates that hit and not get hit style really. People want that rock'em sock'em shit. Boxing was used has a technique that started out in the ages of pure war back in the 1000's years. Used as a way to protect yourself and not attack someone. It was perfected to punish your opponent and not taking much damage. See here, that Pussiao midget just throws punches in bunches and moves away laterally. thats all he does. But looka here, put him up against someone who's gonna stick and move and counter accordingly and watch his face turn into ravioli. He's use to fighting guys who'll stay there like a garden statue and want to take an asswhooping to get paid. They want to get they asswhooped in order to get paid. Lil Floyd just goes in there and shuts you down. Schools you and make you look worser than before in any fight. He makes fighters look like ordinary muthafuckas. Pussiao will keep fighting sparring fighters but when he faces my nephew he gonna take his asswhooping. And if Marvelous or Marvel comic Martinez want it Lil Floyd can spank him like a disappointed step father.
You don't know shit about thread posting!!!!...

As I was reading this I was juss waiting for you to either 1. Name Floyd or 2. Hate on Pac.. you did both accordingly, congratulations...

Now with that being said your gonna get a lot of destructive criticism in a few secs...lmao
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