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Full Version: Tommy morrison
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Hi guys.
Hope all are well. Tommy morrison comes across as a nice guy and i really feel for him with all that hiv crap he had to deal with. He says that he has been negative for years and if tested again by the nevada boxing comission or whoever has to do it he says he would want to fight on if given permission.
Obviously theres alot of talk about hiv/aids being a bit of a con with internet stories and tests given incorrect readings in different countries, and various diseases linked to hiv to sell more drugs but regardless of all of this alot of people are dying.
Would you want TM to fight again or do you not give a damn?
Fuck no!

QUOTE (Nay_Sayer @ Jun 16 2011, 07:30 PM) *
Fuck no!


Exactly, talk about an AIDS cocktail!
HIV or not, considering what I saw the last time he fought... he doesn't need to be fighting anyway.

What's hilarious is that they were trying to make a Mercer-Morrison rematch in Canada a few months ago and it fell through.

What a circus that would be.
Hell yes!!! but, only on the streets of philly right outside mickey's gym.
QUOTE (VegasGrown420 @ Jun 16 2011, 09:28 PM) *
Hell yes!!! but, only on the streets of philly right outside mickey's gym.

I didn't hear no bell!
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