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Full Version: What are some changes that could come from MMA's first in-ring death?
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Well, you may as well record this as a one time never gonna happen again event....I NEVER post in the MMA section and have never been here until most likely will never happen again.

BUT...I think this is a question more suited to those that know more about the sport than I do.

What effect do you expect MMA's first in-ring death to have on the sport?

Even though MMA (as we know it here in America) is very young....with it bieng a contact some point it will happen. What changes do you think might stem from such a most likely heavily covered unpleasent situation.

We are all aware of what Kim/Mancini did to Pro-Boxing.

I was just thinking about this last night and would love to get I really have no idea, but find it an interesting question.

Well there have already been two MMA deaths since 2007.

Just like there were plenty of deaths from boxing matches before Mancini-Kim, it took that one to bring about changes to the sport (like the reduction of title fights from 15 to 12 rounds... and I really miss those 15 rounders). Why?

Because Mancini-Kim was on national television, part of a media-filled world that just wasn't around when Benny Paret and others were killed in the ring.

It won't take 'another' MMA fatality. It'll take one with high visibility (like a high profile fighter, or on one of the UFC PPVs with a big buy rate) to bring about whatever changes would come. Frankly, I'm not sure what changes would be made. You won't see bigger gloves and such because of everything else that is done in the sport outside of striking.

The only thing that could happen is the removal of sanctioning from MMA in some states that weren't too thrill about it in the first place and get freaked out by the incident. Other than that, what can they do?
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