I scratch my head until it is bloody tryng to figure out why Manny Pacquaio won't take the test. I could understand if Mayweather was saying Pacquiao u have to take the test to fight me, but Floyd is simply saying we both have to take the same tests. Mayweather agreed to all of Pacquiao's terms but why won't Manny agree to take the test??? Is he hiding something??? Is his promoters trying to get him as many wins under his belt as they can before he fights Mayweather because they know what the outcome will be? Does Pacquiao Fans really believe he can beat Mayweather after seeing him struggle with Mosley. I say struggle because Pacquiao went into that fight looking to be the first to knock out Mosley and failed. One can say that Mosley ran in the fight, but my argument to that is simple......If Pacquaio really wanted a challenging fight, for someone to press the attack, why choose a guy who is 40 yrs old coming off of two bad fights???why not fight a young champion waiting for the opportunity? Mayweather has been off for over a year and is taking on a young, strong, fast, and beasty opponent in Victor Ortiz while Pacquiao is facing Marquez at a weight where he knows he has the advantage. When Marquez fought Mayweather at 145 they said Mayweather was picking on a smaller guy, but now Pacquiao is fighting that same guy at the same weight at which Mayweather did but still people want to say that Floyd is scared to fight Manny SMH..........wait.................still SMH.......................just once more...............SMH
I think Manny needs a great fight after the disappointing fight against Shane in which both fighters did not look so good even tho Manny dominated, he looked very figured out with Shane turning him the way he did, Shane was just too old to counter and execute the game plan Floyd Mayweather would pick Manny Pacquaio apart and make it look easy.................................... you will soon see what i am talking about, Pacquaio is over rated sorry Pacquiao fans but he is