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Full Version: BERTO MOSELY?
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QUOTE (cshel86 @ Jul 6 2011, 08:43 AM) *
...and you are cursing because? We can leave it at his lack of skills, it's not like I didn't mention it all along...besides, you did make some good points. I have just seen shorter guys (or guys with shitty stances) and shorter arms/reach get punished after their primary gameplan failed during the fight. We all know that he was undefeated before the Ortiz fight, but Collazo just made him look bad, thats all.

You responded to me first by telling me to "learn how to read" and "smh". But whatever I made my point and I will leave it at that.
QUOTE (Lil-lightsout @ Jul 5 2011, 09:39 PM) *
Here are some past and present welterweight champs with their height and reach specs.(i am omitting half inches on heights)

Pac- 5'-6" height and 67" reach.
Mosley- 5'-8" height and 71" reach.
PBF- 5'-8" height and 72" reach.
Cotto- 5'-7" height and 67" reach.
Judah- 5'-7" height and 72" reach.
Taylor- 5'-7" height and 66" reach.
Whitaker- 5-6" height and 69" reach.
McGirt- 5'-6" height and 70" reach.
Duran- 5'-7" height and 66" reach.
BERTO- 5'-8" height and 72" reach.

These are just a couple I thought of. The numbers do not lie. These guys did fairly well at welterweight too.

Skills, skills, and skills. Period.

I agree with you 100%
Shane is done for. Cant believe I'm saying this, but berto wuld pick him apart.
I agree... Berto would stop him and people would clamor for a PBF Vs Berto bout...
i think this would be a fight where Mosley shows how far he's fallen and Berto shows he's never been what people have made him out to be. this fight could actually be bad for Berto if he tries to hit and hug in it, that's playing into Mosley's hands and could give him a lot of confidence.

Tha Docta
id rather slam my pecker in a car door than watch this fight. i will never lay eyes on another mosley fight
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jul 6 2011, 06:25 PM) *
I think what LL out is saying that the excuse you should be making for Berto is that he sucks, or just isn't great as a fighter before you start making excuses on his lack of height and arm length, lol.

are you trying to tell me that someone who's actually a little bigger than average for the division isn't losing fights because they're undersized? i don't know if i buy that.
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