This is a truly inspirational especially the upbringing of IBF Lightheavyweight Champion of the world Tavoris "Thunder" Cloud. Cloud grew up in the drug and violent infested area of Tallahassee Florida where there was always bad things happening. His mother had him at the age of 15 and he had 4 other siblings not to mention overall there was 15 people living in a tiny house where Cloud lived in a poor environment.

Tavoris had to sleep on the hard floor every night and would wake up to find roaches crawling on him everywhere and occasionally wild animals would sneak indoors to eat their food or garbage. His living was so rough that his family had used a foot hole with ice in it as a fridge consequently came from home owners missing due rent so the family had them tow their fridge in exchange for missing to pay rent.

During the age of 16 Cloud decided he had enough and would do something about the situation as he moved out. It's not known what he did but only thing comes up is that at the time he got into alot of trouble with the law mostly for misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief he's been charged with, almost following in his brothers footsteps who is serving a life sentence in prison. Cloud dropped out of high school and would go to a local gym owned by NFL player Alonzo Johnson and constantly hit the heavy bag day in and day out. In which Johnson admired by the young Tavoris' work ethic decided to take him in which led to the roads that made him a champion of the world.