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Full Version: Thirty Things You'll Never Read On A Boxing Website
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1. It was a hard-fought battle with lots of controversy, but promoter Gary Shaw accepted his fighter's loss gracefully.

2. The WBA said that, in calculating the sanctioning fee, it had inadvertently overcharged the champion. But it discovered the error on its own and was voluntarily refunding the excess payment.

3. "Ross Greenburg sure knew what he was doing when he decided to replace Larry Merchant with Max Kellerman," a source at HBO said.

4. Harold; you'll have to speak louder. I can't hear you.

5. Before the 220-pound mugger could say a word, Jim Gray decked him with a single punch and stomped on his head.

6. Tell the production coordinator to move Al Haymon to the side. He's hogging the camera.

7. Officials at Canastota said there was typographical error in the press release that stated Jose Suliaman had been indicted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

8. Everyone in the office is dying to know when Wladimir Klitschko will fight Ruslan Chagaev.

9. Golden Boy is growing increasingly frustrated by its inability to get dates on HBO.

10. "Just salad for me," James Toney told the waitress.

11. "How should I know?" Dan Rafael grumbled. "I haven't seen a tape of either guy."

12. Vasquez and Marquez in Snoozefest.

13. We're so pleased to have you back as a judge at the Miss Black America Pageant, Mr. Tyson.

14. Alfonso Gomez KOs Miguel Cotto in 2.

15. "Go for it," Richard Schaefer told Oscar. "I think that a Maori tattoo on the side of your face would be great for your image."

16. Merry Christmas from the entire Duva family.

17. First I was Cassius Clay. Then I was Muhammad Ali. Now I'm changing my name to Irving Goldberg.

18. A failed medical test KO'd this week's title fight in Arkansas.

19. Don King and I shook hand on it, so I'm not worried.

20. Separated at birth: Harold Lederman and Michael Buffer.

21. Eliot Spitzer leaned over to Bill Richardson and whispered, "The roundcard girl with the tattoo beneath her naval is kind of cute."

22. And the #1 best-selling book this week: "Where the Bones are Buried" by Bob Arum.

23. Even though it was grossly unfair and resulted in the loss of two television dates, Lou DiBella reacted calmly to the development.

24. Bernard Hopkins Mellows Out

25. "Shave my head like Michael Joradn," Don King told the barber.

26. It's another Cedric Kushner success story.

27. Wow! Vinny Maddalone slipped that punched nicely.

28. I never knew his name was Dave Itskowitch. I thought it was Dave Fromloudibellasoffice.

29. Here's a nice photo of Gary Shaw in fishnets.

20. This article was edited and fact-checked for accuracy by...

A bit dated, but good stuff nonetheless.
"I have so much respect for him and may the best man win" -Mayorga at first press conference

"No thanks...just a glass of water" - Larry Merchant

"Hell yeah I knew about the plaster" -Margarito

"I really want to work on my inside game this fight"- Wlad Klit

"I had the worst training camp and am in the worst shape of my life" - any boxer

The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight negotiations went fast and were signed without a hitch.

Chavez Jr. has surpassed his fathers accomplishments.

YES!!! Torvix is back!
Ruiz beat me like I beat Tyson. - Holyfield
Mean Mister Mustard
"Joshua Clottey fought hard for all 12 rounds"

"The boxing media chastised Pacquiao for having fought Shane Mosley"

"You are right; he didn't fight the best competition out there" -A Floyd Mayweather fan

"This was a nice technical fight" -Larry Merchant

"He stopped the fight prematurely." -Fans commenting on a Steve Smoger fight.
"Klitschko's Bro's Fight each other for Heavyweight Belts Unification Next Year"

"Joshua Clottey was payed to be a punching bag against Pacquiao"

"Mayweather is magnificent and a sport to watch" -Larry Merchant

"Floyd never ducked any fighter and will fight the best"- Dan Rafael

"I'm on a excessive fat diet"- Dan Rafael

"Manny beat me. He is the better fighter."- Juan Manuel Marquez

"We've always wanted Manny to fight Floyd. That's why we don't have any opponents in line for Manny"- Bob Arum

"Manny is the greatest fighter ever"- Floyd Mayweather Sr.

"Your a good fighter and I hope you do your best" - Kevin Cunningham, Devon Alexander's trainer

" I ducked every fighter who hits very hard especially Brandon Rios."- Humberto Soto

"He beat me fair and square. The bloke was just too great."-David Haye

"Larry I agree with you completely"-Jim Lampley

"Bob Arum and Freddie Roach lets Manny takes ODST to fight Floyd"

"Manny is the best thing since slice bread"-

"Manny isn't the best thing since slice bread"-

"I've never quitted in my whole life."- Victor Ortiz

"I beat the shit out of Castillo"- Floyd Mayweather

"I think Manny will take it all the way to the 12th round by decision."-Freddie Roach

"I am a nutritionist that now happens to be a strength conditioner boxing coach. Who's background is unknown. And I am rumoured to be banned in all other sports for tampering with PED's"- Alex Ariza

"I've never given any of my fighters steroids or PED's. What is PED's?- Freddie Roach

"Floyd Mayweather fights are the best. I can't wait till he knocks this guy out"- Casual fan

"I don't want to fight Mayweather or Pacquiao"-Sergio Martinez

"I'm going to knock him out and he will go to sleep"- Manny Pacquiao

"There will be no 140 pound tournament because of the lack of talent and fighters in the division not to mention interest"
"Today, I'm officially announcing my retirement from boxing." -- Evander Holyfield
QUOTE (Romulus9 @ Jul 19 2011, 11:33 AM) *
"Today, I'm officially announcing my retirement from boxing." -- Evander Holyfield

He can't paying $500k per year in child support...he has to fight til he is 60! lolz

With that said; Imma stop fucking hoes without a condoms-Evander Holyfield
Big Slim Sweet
"Awww shucks Max, I wasn't ever all that." -- Roy Jones Jr.
Big Slim Sweet
"God bless America!" -- Amir Khan
Big Slim Sweet
"I had absolutely no idea the fight could have gone down this way." -- Manny Steward
"Thats was one of the best fights I have EVER seen, FOTY. The courage those guys showed was amazing." Everyone (regarding the Wlad-Haye or Bradley-Alexader fights)
"Yes i did remove the padding from his gloves" Panama Lewis in regards to Resto-Collins fights.
"Yes I did mix the water bottle with a stimulant" Panama Lewis in the Pryor-Arguello fight
"That dude hits f'ing hard" every Malignaggi opponent
QUOTE (Big Slim Sweet @ Jul 19 2011, 09:31 PM) *
"God bless America!" -- Amir Khan

QUOTE (Big Slim Sweet @ Jul 19 2011, 05:33 PM) *
"I had absolutely no idea the fight could have gone down this way." -- Manny Steward

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