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Full Version: It’s Official Michael Koncz Has Been Replaced
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I came across an article aptly titled “Greed: The Mother of All Sins”. Ironic it may seem I thought of Michael Koncz, his name befitting the association to this nasty five letter word, greed.

Koncz who has always called himself the “Advisor” to Manny Pacquiao has been removed from his full time position as MP’s Personal Assistant in the Philippines. The once well known gatekeeper of MP is now a full time U.S. resident again.
Koncz best known for getting beat up in the Philippines for the way he viciously speaks to individuals has not made it back to MP’s native land after the Mosley fight.

Koncz lives in a $1.4 million dollar house, stays in luxurious hotel suites, flies first class and has an abundance of material wealth. All these affluence courtesy of the generous Manny Pacquiao has not satisfied this man’s lust for money.

When I flew back to the Philippines with MP I was aghast to hear all the bodyguards of the “Champ” saying how Michael Koncz was holding back their allowances for food and training during their stint in Baguio for the Mosley fight.

The most horrible thing about greed is when you do not provide for those who are in dire need. Yet with Koncz this cruel act of selfishness & avarice never seemed to bother him.

I was told Koncz even had his own bodyguard that went to the U.S. to protect him. He followed Koncz everywhere, but asked to give up the lucrative paying job after a few months because he could not withstand Koncz’ repulsive attitude in his dealing with people.

When I spoke with these bodyguards they were visibly shaken. They could not understand why a man with so much money would hold back their well deserved compensation for the hard work that they do protecting the “Champ”.

I do not know what Koncz’s role will now be in Team Pacquiao. I imagine he might still be Manny Pacquiao’s Head Personal Assistant in the U.S. – That is until the U.S. boys take a stand for what is right and what is best for the “Champ”.

I believe that Michael Koncz does not possess the qualifications nor has the proper knowledge to represent Manny Pacquiao accurately to Top Rank. Manny Pacquiao is just too big now and he needs top caliber U.S. attorneys/business managers that will represent him and his negotiations with Top Rank and other media sponsors. MP is better off with a team that can handle the intricacies of U.S. business laws and are willing to work with the team in the Philippines professionally.

Everyone knows that Michael Koncz started a war with Eric Pineda and Attorney Jeng Gacal some months ago when he advised all U.S. sponsors not to deal with those guys and only deal with him. These people that fed Michael Koncz and brought him in Team Pacquiao were stabbed in the back. This is the kind of person that he is a skilled manipulator, nothing else.

I do not know what Michael Koncz’s position will be. Maybe he will finally focus on the Filipino fighters under the MP promotions banner and get them some real trainers and some genuine conditioning coaches.

There is nothing more depressing to see a great fighter lose a fight not because he did not have the best set of skills or a big enough heart, but because he was not trained properly. He lost because other fighters with lesser skills are coming in better shape and outlasting the Filipino warriors because they were given the opportunity to have the proper training and conditioning required of Champions!

Koncz should take a lesson from the “Champ’s” book and know that it is better to give then to receive. Let go of some of your hefty salary and give it back to the people that have helped you along the way.

Take care of these young Filipino fighters that MP has entrusted to you. Give them what is due to them before their careers go down the drain.

As for Manny Pacquiao, how is he adjusting to Koncz no longer being his Personal Assistant? Personally, I have never seen him happier.

Manny Pacquiao does not love money, nor does he let it control his life. Just as Thoreau has penned, “Most of the luxuries and many of so called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind”, MP knows fame and fortune are fleeting. He always believes happiness is in giving!!!

well what about this?

Plus your limk is a bad link!

By Timothy James,

Six months ago with the help of Ben Thompson from Fighthype I was able to publish the truth about Michael Koncz. The truth that Michael Koncz is sabotaging inner Team Pacquiao, Filipino Fighters, and even Manny Pacquiao himself. I got a lot of negative feedback from some key members of Team Pacquiao Los Angeles about what I reported, but what I reported was my conclusion that was based on facts.

Today I have read an article from Braveheart on that Michael Konccz has been Axed.

This is an Official Site- so I need to report that this has not been confirmed.

As of this time we are denying any validity to this statement that Koncz has been axed or fired.

If there is any information to report that Michael Koncz has been fired we will make an Official Statement on this site.

Thank you
QUOTE (thehype @ Jul 19 2011, 08:21 PM) *

Thanks Ben, he seems like a nice and well spoken dude! I hope he is right about the testing cause I do wanna see the fight badly!
QUOTE (thehype @ Jul 19 2011, 08:21 PM) *

whats really going on in the pacquiao camp?
this guy kinda echos what ive been saying for the longest... its not pac thats not accepting the bloodtest it's his people... namely arum who is looking to milk the guy... arum knows pac can not and will not win a mayweather fight and he is trying to get all he can out of him before sending his lamb to slaughter... assuming all this guy says is accurate this is a very telling interview... specially the last minute or so of it..
well it looks like something may explode sooner than later in team pac.. hopefully it happens for the better... i actually feel bad for the guy to a degree... how can you have this kind of turmoil going on in your camp and not have an idea?... lol... crazy...
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