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Full Version: A tribute to Jack
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Jack Lyon died a few days ago.

He served in the 1st Marine War dog Platoon during WWII.

He served for more than three decades in Asia for the State Dept.

During that time he was instrumental in the disinformation effort v the Peoples Republic of China.

He managed the Chuhoy (sp?) project at the end of the Vietnam War. He was one of the very last Americans to leave Saigon.

If it happened in Asia between the mid 1950s and 1990, Jack was more than likely in the vicinity.

Jack dedicated his life to his country through foreign service. He continued gathering information well into retirement.

The stories are profuse. From Korea to Thailand, Vietnam to Guam, Jack served professionally.

Semper Fi
I thought this was a tribute to Jack1000? At least I was hoping so....

We could put up memorable posts throughout Jacks career here.

A lot would run along the lines of cool it, Ben & I discussed it, no pm's or public streams, word processing for Fitz etc.

Sounds like this guy was a real American hero & I mean than in a sincere manner. His life lessons should be mandatory for all American children to study & aspire to be like rather than the latest rapper or pop princess.

He also has a pretty cool beard

The World knew very little about Jack Lyon.

Internet searches would only turn up the occasional screenplay that he wrote/acted in...

or the blog that he owned...

Facebook however, though they lack significant details about the man...they did manage to snap ONE photo of him...

It is clear from the picture that the photographer was NOT supposed to be able to take that shot. You can see the expression of surprise in Jack's face...his quick feet seem to suspend him in mid-air, as if gravity were not strong enough to hold him down. Yes, this photograph may be the only documentation that the man ever existed...but that's why he was the BEST!

Though the MAN may be gone, his enduring legacy will last forever.

God Speed Jack Lyon!

QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Jul 27 2011, 01:20 AM) *
Not sure who the dude in that photo is but it is not who I am speaking of.

Jack was the kind of dude who could point out on a map the exact (top secret) location of an intelligence rendezvous that the participants were completely convinced no one ever knew about, 25 years later.

Jack was an ATG asset manager.

Hmm I grabbed the picture from here

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