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Full Version: Rios' opinion on Khan and willing to face Bradley for a shot at Pacquiao
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By Chris Robinson

This past weekend, WBA junior lightweight champion Amir Khan once again elevated his status in the sport after stopping then-IBF champion Zab Judah inside of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Khan was in control throughout the contest, seizing the initiative and befuddling Judah with his speed, and saw a viscous right hand to the body end matters two minutes and forty-seven seconds into the fifth round.

So dominant was Khan that The Ring Magazine officially moved him up as the divisionís number one fighter, surpassing an inactive Timothy Bradley, and the British star seems poised for a December return before a possible move to 147 pounds sometime next year. But while there is much to appreciate with the 24-year old champion, not everyone has been singing Khanís praises.

WBA lightweight boss Brandon Rios, a few weeks removed from a hectic 3rd round TKO over Urbano Antillon himself, took in the action this past weekend and is far from smitten towards his fellow champion.

ďYou know what? No disrespect to Amir Khan, I donít see nothing special,Ē Rios opened up. ďTheyíre trying to make him like this big, special thing. Iím not saying that Iím the best fighter ever, but you know what? I donít see nothing special about Amir Khan. Iím sure that he would say the same about me, that he doesnítí see anything special about me.Ē

Rios continued, taking more of dig at the 33-year old former champion Judah than Khan.

ďTo me, honestly, he fought a guy, Zab Judah, who is old. He was done and over with. He acted like he didnít want to fight no more when he got hit low. He was just looking for a payday,Ē said Rios.

I had to ask Rios how he would size up and fight a rangy boxer like Khan and he seemed almost offended that I would have to ask such a question.

ďIíd do what I do best. Iíd put my pressure and block his shots. Make sure that his shots donít get through. Thatís just the way I fought with [Miguel] Acosta," said Rios, referring to his title-winning victory this past February.

The Oxnard, California-based Rios mentioned that he was presently relaxing and doing MRIís on his hand after slightly injuring it during his brawl with Antillon. Some rumors have Rios returning on the November 12th trilogy fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez inside of the MGM Grand and Rios would be all for it.

ďThatís what Iíve been hearing, November 12th on the Pacquiao-Marquez card. Iím not for sure, I havenít talked to [manager] Cameron Dunkin and havenít gotten a hold of him, but if thatís the card they want to put me on, thatís great, thatís badass. I would love to do that,Ē Rios exalted.

My colleague Michael Marley recently penned a piece in which he tossed around the idea of a Rios-Bradley fight in the near future, with the winner being in line for Pacquiao in 2012. For Rios that may be thinking too far ahead but you can tell from his tone that heís simply a man who is down for whatever at this point.

ďYou know what? Bradley is very solid; heís always in condition and he always comes to fight. But if thatís the line it would take to get to Pacquiao then I would be willing to take it. All I know is that when they put me in the ring on November 12th, whoever they put me in with, I will be ready 100%. Iím ready for whoever.Ē
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jul 27 2011, 06:52 PM) *

Rios will walk through all of Bradley's jello fisted shots. It'll be like Rios fighting Acosta in their except Bradley is much faster but Rios will be much stronger when he goes up in weight and more comfortable I believe. The Terrorist vs Bam Bam would be a good scrap but The Terrorist's reach and pop will prove daunting. And I would bet on it that GB will bring Joe Cortez back if they do fight to save The Terroristfrom being KO'd like he saved him from being KO'd against Maidana. Rios should beat Bradley and lose to The Terrorist if Cortez is in the ring.

Sidenote: The Terrorist did improve his inside game after watching the Judah fight so that can make a difference. But Bam Bam would be too strong for him in the inside so he would run from him and stay outside like he fought Maidana.
Rios would probably get to Khan late and stop him. It would be a great fight to watch.

Bradley is too fast and slick for Rios. Bradley would win a competitive decision over him.

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