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Full Version: Interesting read on Gatti!
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It's interesting, but I don't think it's going to reveal anything. After the second autopsy proved it was a hanging and no new information suggested that he was killed by someone else, I find it hard to believe it was murder. Especially when you consider the circumstances that were going on that night.
From the front page!
I've been told that there's such thing as a perfect crime, but there is no such thing as a perfect murder. The suspect ALWAYS gets caught, no matter how long it takes to investigate the case.
I found this one too making the rounds!!!
Huh? Didn't Mayweather kill him by fifth round KO?
Nothing new. This has been out for weeks that they were going to announce this.

Fuck, man, that whole thing stunk from day 1. That ho had him killed. That he was a predictable drunk and a bad load at that didnt help matters....or did, if you were planning on offing him.

Good news is that if they can get this reopened, we're allowed to extradite this bitch's ass.
NEVER NEVER NEVER date/marry a filthy F'n No good stripper!

That's rule number 1...

I love Gatti but he should have had more sense than that shit.

You fuck strippers and leave do not take them in like strays...because unlike strays they WILL ALWAYS bite the hand that feeds them.

9/10....they are really disturbed, F'd up people with little care for anything other than $$$$$.

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