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MONTREAL Canadian Lucian Bute will put his International Boxing Federation super middleweight title on the line on Nov. 5 against Jamaican Glen Johnson, promoters announced on Tuesday.

The location of the fight has not been confirmed, but Butes promoter Interbox said it will either be in Montreal or Quebec City. The fight will be broadcast on Showtime.

Bute, 29-0, most recently knocked out Jean-Paul Mendy in the fourth-round of a fight in Romania on July 9. The 31-year-old Montreal resident won the IBF title in 2007 and has successfully defended it eight times.

Johnson, 51-15-2, was the IBF light heavyweight champion in 2004. Bute and Johnson were sparring partners for a spell in 2009.

If I never sparred him, I would still feel the same way, that I could beat him, Johnson, 42, told ESPN this week before the fight was confirmed. I never go into a fight thinking I cant win the fight, because I really believe in my talent. Im very confident about what I can do, so Im not hanging my hat on (the sparring sessions). We both did good work against each other. But this is for all the marbles. This wont be sparring. This is a totally different thing, a different atmosphere.

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When reports began to surface early Tuesday that former light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson had agreed to terms for a November 5th showdown with IBF super middleweight champion Lucian Bute in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, reached out to Johnson to confirm the story. "The deal is done. All of the documents and parts are agreed upon and right now, we're just waiting to sign the contract," said Johnson. As this story goes to print, the paperwork is still being put together and will soon be sent to Johnson and his promoter, Leon Margules, to finalize. "We all know anything is changeable in boxing, but all the components are finished. It's legit," an excited Johnson stated.

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QUOTE (Fitz @ Aug 17 2011, 06:22 AM) *

Glenn taking short money to go on the road again. Lemme guess how this goes. A tough fight pretty even but Glenn wins cleanly and clearly down the straight to only lose a UD. Glenn cries robbery and so on it goes...........
Wow what a great fight rolleyes_anim.gif . Who did Johnson beat to get this shot? Hang on thats right he got beat good n proper by Froch. Bute is a cunt & he deserves to be beaten severely with a lead pipe*.

*I am not joking about the lead pipe.
QUOTE (STEVENSKI @ Aug 17 2011, 07:37 AM) *
Wow what a great fight rolleyes_anim.gif . Who did Johnson beat to get this shot? Hang on thats right he got beat good n proper by Froch.

Sadly, this is actually a step up in competition for Bute.

Even though this MAY be a step up in class for Bute (who clearly got a home cooked saving by the 30 second count during his 1st fight with Andrade), I feel that Showtime could've set up a fight between Bute and Super 6 winner some other way. Even though I have nothing but a great deal of respect for The Road Warrior, he just lost his last contest. Is this how the sport works? They set up huge fights by putting one half of the fight's fighters in the ring with guys coming off of a loss? This is beyond me. I've watched Lucian Bute's fights since his 2nd bout with Andrade, and I think Bute should be tested. In his last fight, he looked like a whole lot more ferocious than I've ever seen him look. When that happens, I tend to think that he may be dabbling in the sauce. Andre Ward wants Froch tested? If he makes it past Froch (which is not a given), I think he should certainly get Bute tested before he steps in there. This day and age in boxing, fighters are cheating like a muthafucka and I think it's unfair that some guys have worked their whole lives to reach a certian point, only to be cheated. I say - Test EVERYONE! Showtime's screwing the pooch with this fight. Why not push for Bute to fight Kessler instead? Too risky? Kessler was at Bute's fight in Canada. He clearly wants that fight. Why put him in with a fighter coming off of a loss? Glen Johnson is one helluva fighter but he's come up short in all but one of his recent fights. His last fight, he lost convincingly.
What a fight! Johnson is going to bring it. Look out Bute, better be on his A-game.
This is a good fight for Bute, much better than the mooted Pavlik fight and it will be a nice way for Johnson to bow out of boxing. He wont disgrace himself because he is too good for that but Bute will send him into retirement with a far cleaner, clearer victory than Froch managed.
Wow Glen Johnson will hopefully KO Butt-Buddy Bute and not get cheated on another win... Poor Road Warrior, the guy could use a break.. Froch beat his soccs off. i think Froch or Ward should have gotten thier try at Bute... but im not completely disappointed with it being Glen Johnson, he is deff GAME!!....
I hope Glen pulls it off in the style he did RJJ and I know he will bring it!
Bute is going to do to him what dawson did in the second fight, but Bute shots are going to hurt worse. Bute might even get the TKO
Editors note: No, I don't read fighthype front page on a regular basis or even on a weekly basis. I will check the front from time to time, or links that are posted. I generally just visit fight news look at the headlines, or get news from other boards that are not even brought up on this board. But hey, nobody else brought this topic up. If I see something, I go to google and search what I'm looking for under 'news' and go to articles that google show me.
Nothing against your front page, I just don't really read your site or any boxing sites on a daily basis.
Didn't mean for you to take it personally.

As for this fight, this is a decent fight. There really isn't anybody around at the moment with Froch and Ward unavailable, Kessler took another fight, and Pavlik? Well firstly Johnson is a better fight to take than Pavlik, and secondly, Pavlik isn't fighting.

Glen Johnson's whole career he has been coming off close losses. That's the story of his career. It was never an issue when he entered the super6 tourney after losing to Cloud, he has been a good enough test for every other fight, he has been arguably the biggest test for Cloud and Dawson when he fought them, so not sure why things are so different now. Not as if he looks shot or anything now.
This is a good fight for what's available.
I'm really going to be pulling for Glen Johnson in this one, I like Bute but he needs a fight like this to say that he's been tested in the ring. And who better to bring it to him the Glen Johnson, it should make for a good scrap
and the NEW
About time Bute stepped it up!

For the super 6 guys to have to go through this tournament and the winner 'gets' Bute was a bit of a joke. The winner should be considered the Champ at 168 and Bute needs to fight some of the better competition to get a shot!
QUOTE (thehype @ Aug 18 2011, 12:21 AM) *
Sadly, this is actually a step up in competition for Bute.


True Ben. I don't mind fighters fighting at home. I just think that if you want to fight at home then fine but bring the best fighters to you. Jeff Fenech fought most of his fights in Australia & that was because he was a major fucking draw here. He therefore brought the best competition to Australia to fight him. What Bute is doing is looking for the easiest his handlers have to pay the least amount to. I also think that Canada has some very questionable decisions go down.
Fuck it I still say someone should iron pipe the cocksucker outside a 7-11 & I stand by it.
johnson will put up a better fight than both kessler and pavlik would have. i welcome this fight and will be rooting for johnson to pull out the upset. i also think it's right that bute should fight someone on johnsons level before getting an undeserved shot at the super six winner andre dawson.
QUOTE (STEVENSKI @ Aug 18 2011, 01:00 AM) *
Fuck it I still say someone should iron pipe the cocksucker outside a 7-11 & I stand by it.

Hopefully Johnson will catch him with an Andrade shot early and finish him.
This fight has the potential to be really good. I want to get a chin check on Bute and this is the perfect fighter to do that, ever since the first Andrade fight I haven't been completely sold on this guy. He should definitely have a loss, but this is a solid opponent for him.
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