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Full Version: The HURRICANE
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So I just got done watching the Hurricane for the first time and first of all it was a brillaint movie but how accurate is it?
Look at the outright bullshit that makes up the Giardello "fight" in the movie. That should tell you all you need to know about how accurate the movie is.
I hate that movie. It's not accurate whatsoever, and in all actuality Rubin Carter was probably guilty. The movie portrayed him as a saint who was constantly being framed by the corrupt white police officers, which is bullshit. Carter was the leader of a street gang and had a lengthy criminal history as a juvenile and an adult. That first scene in the movie where Carter and his friends are accosted by a child molester, and Carter defends himself? In real life, Carter clubbed the man over the head with a bottle so he could steal his watch. The movie also left out how the police found live ammunition in Carter's car (the same ammunition that was used in the murders), and how his alibi witnesses admitted they lied for him. The 1964 championship match against Giardello wasn't a fixed fight either, as everyone who has seen the fight agrees that Giardello won it clearly.

You can read more here:
A fantasy movie with no basis in reality whatsoever. What is sad is that it was marketed as a factual movie & a generation of youngsters believe it as gospel.
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