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Full Version: Established fighters like Pacuquiao don't want to give the young guys a shot -Robert Guerrero
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Also hints at Juan Manuel Marquez ducking him.
He spoke the truth when he said, "Without the fans, boxin' is nothin'."
It's obvious that the "everybody fights everybody" era of boxing is completely on freeze. Nowadays, its a "let me choose who's going to bring the biggest payday" type of sport. Cant blame a fighter for wanting to pick who they fight next to land a bigger payday, but these fighters crying "the best should fight the best" are really saying, "Im ready to fight for a big payday" and hoping that somebody agrees to fight. The problem for them is, the fighters with drawing power, have the privilege of choosing opposition. That doesn't make it right either, but its the way it goes in the sport.

Most of these young up and coming fighters have proved their false sense of accomplishment against guys that they look past, because they are all focused on landing a "big fight" so soon. Shit, look at Maidana, this asshole just kicks ass and take names, so he is the guy that everyone wants to prove themselves against. He (Maidana) will end up getting a chance at one of the bigger names because he gets in the ring and makes it matter what anybody thinks about. The big names in the sport really have nothing to look for in these young fighters, hell I dont, and Im not even boxing. Robert Guerrero is a great fighter and he will have his day, though he recently had minor setback (again).
JMM didn't want anything getting in the way of the big Pac payday. Can't blame him at his age. Guerrero still might get his chance at him.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Aug 30 2011, 11:23 PM) *
JMM didn't want anything getting in the way of the big Pac payday. Can't blame him at his age. Guerrero still might get his chance at him.

I cant blame JMM for this at all! He's basically saying, "I have bigger fish to fry, so I will get back to yall later". It's not like JMM has this far-fetched crybaby session about how the big fighters wont give him a chance. Hell, he's fought Pac twice, so he knew exactly what to do to get that 3rd fight. He should give Mayweather some kudos for this though, because qualified observers saw that Marquez fought all the way back to a draw in the first clash and nearly/possibly won the second fight, but Mayweather made it a public issue (regardless of it had any truth to it). Then he fought Mayweather in the process, so he worked his way back to that rubber match. Guerrero will get that chance with JMM, but JMM has to collect and cash that check in November!
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