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Full Version: Comparing careers 2
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1. Wright-Taylor
2. Calzaghe-Froch
3. Barrera-Morales
4. DLH-Trinidad

To me, this is a very tough one between the 2. Wrights key wins are his 2 wins over Mosley, and a win over Trinidad. He also beat an older Quartey and lost a close decision to Vargas, which was just a bit before his career took off. Taylor on the other side has 2 close (some say controversial) wins over Hopkins and not very convincing wins over Spinks and Ouma, who on paper, should have been much easier than it was.
Then head to head, they both came away with a draw. On paper, I can see why someone may lean towards Taylor, his 2 wins over Hopkins looks better on his resume than anything Wright done, and he also has the claim to being an undisputed champion as well. On the other side, Wright's wins have been a lot more convincing and clear. Especially over Mosley and the clinic he put on Trinidad. He also hasn't lost anywhere near as big as Taylor has, and he also has the advantage in the longevity department.
For me, I will slightly edge Wright. His performance have been better, while Taylor's end result looks better than Wright on paper, the way he got there has not been anywhere near as convincing.

This is one of the match ups where Froch still has quite a bit of time to extend it, but still. I think careers are close enough to compare at this point. Calzaghe spent most of his career fighting at home, but at the very end of his career, he did make things better. His key wins are over Lacy, Kessler and Hopkins. In 2 of those fights, he unified titles against both Lacy and Kessler, and became an undisputed 168 champion. His win over Hopkins, who was deemed the #1 guy at light heavy and a top 5 p4p fighter is more impressive than any of Froch's wins.
Froch on the other hand has been building slowly, his resume is more respected, and going through it, looks like more effort has been put in by him, and has a longer list of credible fighters IMO, just at this point. Has wins over Pascal, Taylor, Dirrell, Abraham and Johnson.
Both close, but Calzaghe's biggest wins have been more impressive than Froch's and his best win over Hopkins trumps any of Froch's wins at this point, he also has the claim of becoming an undisputed 168 champion. I will take Calzaghe at this point, though Froch's career is still going, and things can change very quickly.

Very, very close between these 2 and could easily go either way. Barrera has the edge over Morales head to head (though they were pretty much even in the ring), but Morales has also beaten fighters that Barrera could not, and Pacquiao being the most impressive.
Can barely split these guys, though I think Morales impressive lost to Maidana did add something to his career. For me, I take Morales just, but could really go either way.

Another close one between the 2, and I think even though the result didn't go DLH's way, when everybody saw these two in the ring, DLH was the one that looked like he was the superior fighter between the two. They were both very close, but for me DLH looked a little more complete and Trinidad didn't have the longevity, his losses have also been extreme shut outs as well, and when he lost, he always seemed to pick up his ball and go home and retire. He never seemed to have the hunger to come back from losses like so many other great fighters did.

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Wright, as they actually fought and I thought he beat Taylor I give it to him. Taylor's 'big'wins are disputed, I thought he lost to Hopkins and (gulp) Cory Spinks.

Calzaghe. Whether you think he won or not he did make it competitive with Hopkins and Froch hasn't been anywhere near that level. I fucken hate Calzaghe though.

I could toss a coin with the Mexicans. Morales beat a raw Pac whilst Barrera embarrassed a faded Prince. This would be easier if they had both fought JMM. I'll go with Morales prolly on the good points Fitz makes above (although I know Fitzy is a little Morales biased, haha.)

DLH. I was actually never sold on Trinidad which is a little crazy I know. I always thought anyone with boxing skills and movement would give him trouble. Could also toss a coin but when they fought, both in their primes, I had Oscar winning handily (despite the back pedaling in the last rounds.)
Taylor and Wright.....Wright had the better career and was a better fighter.

CalSlappy and Froch.....While Slappy was able to avoid Hopkins a 2nd time I dont think his resume outside of the Hopkins fight is better than Froch's....Froch has fought much tougher opponents than Slappy who stayed overseas most of his career and fought hand-picked bums.

Barerra and Morales....its a toss up. Both were great fighters and all out warriors.

DLH and Trinidad....I just think DLH was the better fighter....fought the harder fights and had a longer and more productive career.
Wright - Taylor: Wright had better victories but Taylor achieved a higher level of success

Froch - Calzaghe: Too early to say, Calzaghe had a good victories against a prime Lacy and Kessler. He also holds a very good win(close) over Hopkins. That trumps anything Froch has done so far. A Ward and Bute win would definitely change the argument.

Morales - Barrera: This is the hardest one for me. The Pac win is Huge for Morales but the head to head should also count. Their carers are almost identical, the Maidana loss and Marquez loss make it all the more difficult. I say tie, Morales looks like he has a chance to pull a head with one more signature victory tho.

DLH - Trinidad. Lets compare their records
Career span: (11/92-12/08)- (3/90-12/08)
Record: 39(30)-6 - 42(35)-3
Championship fights: 24-20
Division WC: 6-3
Notable wins: (Hernandez, Whitaker, JCC, Comacho, Quartey, Carr, Gatti, Vargas, Campos, Mayorga) -(Blocker, Camacho, Campos, Carr, Pendleton, Whittaker, DLH, Reid, Vargas, Joppy, Mayorga)
Notable losses: (Trinidad, Mosely(2x), Hokpkins, FMJ, Pac) - (Hopkins, Wright, RJJ)

On paper to me it looks like Trinidad, he won head to head and beat most of their common opponents first. Even in his losses he fared better than DLH. Would DLH have done any better against Wright or RJJ? All of his victories were pretty convincing except for the DLH fight(just watched it again and had Trinidad ahead by 1pt). I think in overall terms of skill set than i have to go with DLH but in terms of career Trinidad's is pretty impressive.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Sep 4 2011, 04:36 PM) *
You can't be serious. DLH fared better against Hopkins, and DLH would have done much better against Wright. Trinidad lost in the worst possible way, I don't even think Trinidad won 30 seconds of that fight against Wright, let a lone a round. That was one of the biggest shut outs I had seen. No way DLH could possibly do any worse than Tito did against Wright.

Yea you're right on the Wright fight, i forgot it was in 2005. I don't think De La Hoya wins more than 2-3 rounds against Wright at that time tho
Wright/Taylor: I have to slightly lean towards Wright on this one. Wright was the "man to beat" in order to prove yourself, while Taylor was trying to beat everybody to prove himself. Taylor had more success in terms of titles though.

Froch/Calazghe: This one is still in the air, because Calzaghe ended his career after those last 4 notable bouts and Froch is still at it. This Super Six tournament is helping his career a lot, and he is beating everybody put in front of him. At this moment, I can only leave it up to popularity, and that goes to Calzaghe.

Morales/Barrera: Please dont make me choose

DLH/Trinidad: Both of these guys' names ring bells, but its obvious who had the better career, based on popularity and PPVs is concerned. Trinidad blew less of his big opportunities than Oscar did, though Trinidad's losses came at the end of his career. I have to lean more towards Oscar because winor lose, he continued his career and kept his market value up at the same time. When Trinidad lost, we didn't see him again for a while, and so forth.
True that calzaghe ended his career on notable fights but those are just about the only notably fights he had. While froch has already had good wins against notable opponents like Taylor Johnson dirrel and the kessler fight could have gone either way.
Winky/Taylor - Winky, easily
Calzaghe/Froch - Calzaghe, easily
Morales/Barrera - Morales, but its close
Tito/DLH - DLH, but its close




DLH-Trinidad... i think Trinidads does look better on paper but he woulda been better off if he hadnt retired after every fight he lost... i was a HUGE Trinidad fan growing up but DLH stood up to his losses (cept Mayweather obviously. lol) and when Trinidad lost it always seem to be him losing BADLY. maybe had he fought some rematches and been more competitive or went out on his shield then maybe his stocc would have raised juss a bit. but i feel like im leaning towards DLH becuz hes still somewhat relevant.

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QUOTE (ViperSniper @ Sep 4 2011, 10:36 PM) *
Another good one clapping.gif

Wright-Taylor: I think Wright will go down as the greater fighter between the two. Wright was regarded higher when both were on top, not to mentioned Winky was the man at 154 for years who many felt was too much of a risk to face. Taylor gathered some very decent wins over Hopkins x2, Ouma & Spinks but under not the most convincing circumstances. Taylor claimed the Undisputed Middleweight Championship over Bernard Hopkins which on paper is better than Wright ever did but again, failing to do so under better circumstances does shave off a part of the victory. Winky Wright beating Shane Mosley back to back and thoroughly dismantled Trinidad in one of the most one-sided fashion possible makes Wright career accomplishments more impressive than Taylor.

Calzaghe-Froch: Although Froch's career is still in progress, he is already the more respected fighter amongst the boxing world and has quietly gathering up an impressive resume with wins over Pascal, Taylor, Dirrell, Abraham & Johnson. Although Calzaghe had an impressive 20+ defenses at Super Middleweight it is tainted by the lack of quality and never stepping up when he may have had the opportunity to in the past! Calzaghe made up for alot of his criticism by not only beating but ruining much respected undefeated Jeff Lacy at the time and then being the first to defeat Kessler in a Unification bout. Joe Calzaghe really made a stamp on his career by defeating Hopkins for the Light Heavyweight title in a fight he outworked and frustrated the extremely high respected Hopkins. As time goes by Joe's victory over Bernard continues to grow! If Froch can avenge his loss to Kessler and get a win over Ward or Bute he may end up having it over him.

Barrera-Morales: I gotta edge it to Barrera! This is a tough one because there is two big factors to take in when comparing the greatness between these two warriors. One being that Morales defeated many of the opponents Barrera could not (Morales upset victory over Pacquaio will continue to grow), yet Barrera has it over Morales in their head to head battles which is very critical. It seems unfair to rate one over the other in any department because they are both so closely great but Barrera had a pinch more tools than Morales. Barrera wins over McKinney, Morales x2, Hamed, Tapia, Ayala, Peden & Juarez x2 shaves Morales victories over Zaragoza, Jones, McCullough, Kelly, Barrera, Chi, Chavez & Pacquaio.

De La Hoya-Trinidad: I gotta give it to Trinidad. De La Hoya early part of his career was great. De La Hoya was the better fighter between the two who fought on the big stage more, which is why it's unfortunate Trinidad was given the win over De La Hoya. Trinidad's notable wins are against Camacho, Campas, Carr, De La Hoya, Reid, Vargas, Joppy & Mayorga against De La Hoya's key victories against Molina, Leija, Gonzales, Whitiker, Camacho, Quartey, Carr, Vargas & Mayorga.
De La Hoya didn't lose as big as when Trinidad did and also didn't retire afterwards, but all of Trinidad's losses came at the hands of all very great fighters who were bigger and smarter than him in Hopkins, Wright & Jones at the end of his career. Both had very similar opponents and key victories in Vargas & Mayorga. Trinidad fought many of those opponents before De La Hoya got his hands on them and arguably won in better fashion!

DLH did indeed fight a lot of the best guys in the world a the time, excluding Wright and Forrest, but most of his wins have asterisks next to them. Consider that he was bigger than all of the guys he fiught at 130, 135 and 140. His two best wins in the mod 1990's came against Ruelas and Hernandez. By 1996 Chavez was an old man, but I give DLH credit for taking him out easily the first time around. Miguel Angel Gonzalez was the smaller man, but once again, DLH took care of a solid opponent, and I think I had him winning 10 rounds out of 12. I also liked how DLH was improving his defense at around that time. The Whitaker fight was extremely close, and DLH loses points for not having given him a rematch, especially considering that Whitaker's good performance might have been his last hurrah. Don't forget he had looked awful against Hurtado before. Camacho was past it. DLH then tried to rust up Quartey by making him wait a year. He fought Vargas once he finally saw him being plastered on the canvas by Trinidad. Same thing with Mayorga.
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