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Full Version: Would it be worth watchin??....Berto vs. Alexander?
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Andre Berto vs Devon Alexander

Who wins the fight at WW?

Berto and Alexanders speed may be spot on but will Devon carry his speed up in weight? he still seems to have trouble with Stamina and idkk if goin up in weight is gonna help him any, tho Bertos Stamina is also questionable.

Can Devon take a Berto Punch? Would it generate any interest? Do you think we'd see Fireworks?
I'll take Devon by slit decision. Berto is just too fucking easy to hit. His chin and conditioning save him but if he ever fights a guy with that concussive kind of power his career is done.
Of course this would be worth watching. We all know that Berto would serve better as the guy at welterweight to fight up-and-coming welterweights like Alexander, Bradley, Khan, Maidana, and so forth. Berto being named one of the upper echelon fighters in the division, is no longer a factor, nor should it ever have been in the first place. He cuffed the official WW title for long enough, because he wasn't seasoned enough to defend it against top fighters, and the top fighters in the division were too busy making money by fighting bigger names in the division. Devon probably isn't gonna be too curious to find out if he can take Berto's punch, and maybe he moves too much for Berto. This would be a boxing/wrestling match because Devon doesn't have enough power to hurt Berto so he will pop shit him all night and Berto doesn't have the defense to avoid all of his punches, so he will clinch and hold all night.
Berto by knockout. Both guys are easy to hit, the stronger, faster, crisper puncher will win.
Berto would whoop Alexander's ass. I wouldn't mind watching tho.
Alexander could steal it but i don't have any interest in the fight at this point. Alexander needs some wins at 147 first.
Alexander needs to leave his Baccyard... i take Berto by KO in this one... i think Alexander may be a lil quiccer but doesnt have the power to keep Berto off him... and i agree with you Cshel, Berto would serve well as a Gatekeeper for the Welterweight decision.
Berto wins. I'd rather watch Berto fight someone else. Alexander's toast in my book. He lost to Kotelnik, Bradley, and Mathysse. Alexander vs feather-fisted east coast turncoat Malignaggi. I see how he flip-flopped. He went from talking about Manny and Roach, but now he trains in the wildcard. Traitor! Malignaggi and Alexander have dropped down a few levels so their fight would be easier to stomach.
Alexander would get lit up by berto. They both have bad stamina and defence, but a berto punch is likely to put anybody in the division on their ass. Alexander slap punches

Berto might be better suited for 154, he came in at 160 on fight night Saturday and he started his career as a middle weight so it might help his stamina, or he should fight Khan at 147 when he moves up
the berto that i just saw this past saturday would get served up by alexander. berto is all squared up...he doesn't have any head movement...he's loading up on all his shots and he's leaning on his front leg way too much. i don't know that his work with conte will ever matter because the dude is just too tense/too nervous when he fights. he needs to learn to relax.

on the flipside...i believe the move up to 147 will serve alexander well. his stamina issues may very well be because he's fighting at a weight that doesn't suit him or is too hard to make. he's still fighting off the back foot and has never been easy to hit. he'd shine against a guy like berto.
Alexander has no defense.. he has a decent chin though
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