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Full Version: Lesnar vs. Overeem at UFC 141
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Thoughts? Overeem doesn't have the best takedown defense in the world, but Brock Lesnar has zero stand-up, a shakey chin, and his defense while standing is atrocious. (Turning his head, running, and curling up in the fetal position are all go-to moves for him.)

Initially I was thinking Brock by wrestle-fuck, but actually I think Overeem flattens him within 2, if not 1 round.
yeaaa i posted this earlier i think Reem wins by devastating KO... i see him giving Lesner a monstrous knee to the face. Reem is the one guy who can match Lesners strength p4p so i think it nullifies Lesners takedowns causing it to remain a stand up battle where Reem is the obvious victor...

you were spot on with discribing Lesners stand up defense.. "Turning his head, running, and curling up in the fetal position".. its pretty pathetic... lol.

its also said the winner is set to face off against the winner between Dos Santos and Velasquez... Reem vs Velasquez!!
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