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Full Version: Reply to Floyd be scared...
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QUOTE (MrChampagne123 @ Sep 16 2011, 02:56 PM) *
Uhm this is dumb.
1. Floyd always feels his opponents out the first couple rnds.
2. Judah didnt school floyd he was out smarted, He lost got tired or not
3. Mayweather didnt look hurt to me...
4.Manny defense isnt on the level of Zab Judah nor is his footwork.

1. But he normally doesn't get hit.
2. Floyd couldn't handle the straight left
3. He was...
4. You're right. Manny's is MUCH better.

QUOTE (Jack 1000 @ Sep 16 2011, 03:41 PM) *
Pointless thread.

This could have been posted inside any of the other Mayweather or Pacquiao threads on the board. Please use them instead of making new threads.




Pointless moderation.

...and where were you 2 months ago?

Mean Mister Mustard
Mayweather is scared of Pacquiao. It reminds me of what one Pacquiao fan said after Pacquiao beat Cotto "Mayweather don't want none of Manny's fine ass!"
ohmy.gif GOAT Thread ohmy.gif
Jack 1000

There's no reason in the world why this thread can't go in any of the other threads on the board. Please, start threads only if they are topic worthy. I try hard not to over-moderate and don't want to, but shit, use the pinned up thread for Mayweather-Ortiz, that's why it's fucking there!!!! LOL! I don't want to have to start suspending people for making stupid threads. That's not what we're about!!!

Reply to any thread about Mayweather Ortiz, or Manny that's already open, unless you really, really need to say something that isn't already covered on the board.



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