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In my observations as of late I've noticed that Floyd has slowed down just a lil bit and its more and more obvious per fight. Dont get me wrong he's still lightning fast, but just not as "quick" with his punches and he doesnt have that same bounce off of his toes to avoid punches like once before. He seems more stationary/ flat footed and more willing to just dodge punches with his upper body movement instead of just totally getting out of the way. I dont know if he is just training too hard or age is just kicking in, but i feel like he is starting to become more hittable and he is out of position more than normal when he's throwing his punches. Now with all of this being said i still feel he is the best out there skill wise, mentally, and defensively, but i am starting to notice small cracks in the armor......what do ya'll think???
Jack 1000
This was not needed as a new topic. Of course Floyd is not as fast as he once was, but will probably still beat anybody they put in front of him. Everyone should please read the forum rules at the top of the thread to understand about creating duplicate topics. Reply within created threads whenever possible, Even look through several pages of the board to bump existing topics with the closest topic that you want to talk about.



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