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Full Version: Fox Sports Marquez-Nishioka (Spoilers Within Expected Between 8-10 PM (EST)
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Jack 1000
Hi Everyone,

This is an important notice concerning the Marquez-Nishoka fight on Fox Sports. I have NOT been able to come up with a definitive start time for the bout. Also note that Fox Sports likes to show different events in different parts of the country based on team or sport popularity within a specific city or region. In MY area, Fox is not showing the fight until tomorrow night @8PM CST on a Tape Delay. Every time some local team or something plays on Fox Sports, boxing ALWAYS gets pre-empted or the local offering. Because of this, I can't find an exact time, and don't want to give an exact time, because some people are going to be pre-empted, and others aren't causing mass confusion and frustration. My best guess is that if Fox is NOT pre-empting the fight in your area, that it will be shown live today (October 1) between 8-10. Sorry, I can't give more accurate information!

I won't be able to see the fight till tomorrow night anyway, so PLEASE KEEP EVERYTHING ABOUT THE RESULTS OF THIS FIGHT IN THIS THREAD ONLY! It is going to take getting through this weekend to hopefully assure that Fox Sports is playing the fight tonight or tomorrow. Check your guides for times in your area, but be aware of Fox Sports doing pre-empting shit!

I will pin this up because the scheduling is important. After this weekend, barring some controversy or a classic fight, we will unpin the thread. I just want everyone to note the time issue and the confusion that Fox Sports creates in this situation.


Time for Marquez to hang em up but i doubt he will.
Jack 1000
I saw that Nishioka had won a UD.

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