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I am getting bored, and a bit disapointed...

I havent seen you close any threads today and make anyone look like an ass..

ooo ooo... give me the 'Martin, GET THE STEPPIN!' ONE !..

I like that one bud...
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
If nothing made my day, this had to be it! I almost closed one in the General Discussion forum, but instead, I left a very "informing" response on that particular thread and Im currently awaiting a response before I close it. I'd hate to be looked at as the certified "thread-closer", but if its necessary, then I make it happen. I will start to merge some of these threads, because I hate to make folks feel out of place or waste good posts in duplicate threads, but an obvious "Mayweather vs Pacquiao" thread being created at this point is reason enough to pull the plug.

Maybe somebody should open an aftermath thread of me closing a thread, BUT, Im not that curious to know some of thoughts proceeding my actions, so I would leave that alone for the moment. Lol. Im the "meanest nice guy" out there! I swear I am. With this being said, I will fulfill your request for the "Get to Steppin'" gif, and let this one go in the meantime. I would hate to have to see somebody's nasty little opinion on here. Lol

Oh yeah, make sure yall check out the General Discussion threads for updates...we're trying to bring some life back to it. 'Preciate ya!
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