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Full Version: 360 degress of Greatness Bernard Hopkins
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I like to look at hopkins' long career and see how his greatness and style came 360 degrees. In the beginning (segundo mercado) he was an aggressive puncher who just attacked and attacked. Towards the middle of his career he transformed into a graceful boxer technician who broke down his opponents (see his reign at middleweight) now towards the end of his career his is back at his aggressive beginnings but more technical. How he combined his thugness with ring smarts and boxing is a thing to behold. He is unpredictable and soon as he is written off he come backs dominant. Sneaky and crafty i love how he breaks down fighters out and in the ring. Old school. He and Toney will be missed.

Hopkins is definitely a marvel to behold. My only dream fight with him would be against a prime James Toney at middle weight, both at their primes would've been a pure boxing classic and I wouldn't know who would win. Hopkins beating on these younger, in their prime, stronger, and faster fighters is all based on his skill, plus experience. Hopkins knows what to do and how to perform it, Dawson will be his biggest threat up to date(depending on which Dawson shows up). I honestly didn't think he would take the fight but again like you said Hopkins always proves people wrong. He was suppose to be retired years ago and was expected to be done after the Taylor fights. I only see 2 people as his biggest threats around those weights and thats Dawson and Ward. Ward is like a younger version of B-Hop but not as technically skilled or experienced.Ward knows the dirty tactics, punch placement, foot work, dedication and has the skill set to off set Hopkins. I would love to see that fight.

Hopkins in my ATG ranks is right now currently #25 and if he beats Dawson he will be #20.
a hopkins toney fight would be crazy, maybe we can hope lol but i dont think toney will want to drop to light heavy
Toney > Conman all day...

After Toney beats Lebedev, a fight with hopkins should materialize.. Hops or Tarver..

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