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Full Version: Danny Garcia vs Jesse Vargas
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A fight involving two promising young warriors. I know it's very rare nowadays for two very promising young fighters to collide when both are in there climbing the ladder stage. But i wish they would fight right now. I know both have big plans and want the big fights. Vargas thinks he deserves a Khan fight right now and Garcia wants his title shot. A win over either guy leads to huge things. I'd love to see this fight and it could be a barnburner as this matchup could lead to a good rivalry in there careers as I could see these guys fighting eachother multiple times.

In my opinion if they fought right now I have to go with Danny Garcia. He seems a little more polished and may have a little more now. Give me this fight. It's a perfect matchup for these guys and a signature matchup.

Who do you all have and why?

I also see Garcia beating Vargas as Garcia faced a more dangerous fighter in Holt than what Vargas had to face in Lopez.
This would be a step down for Garcia to take Vargas on. Vargas still has alot to prove.
It all depends on how Vargas chooses to fight. If Vargas chooses to fight in spurts, but box the whole time, then his movement and boxing skills win it for him. Now, if he chooses to go life & death with Garcia, then I will give it to Garcia based off his power and decent a ability to take a punch. Hell, Vargas/Lopez almost turned into a DeMarco/Linares, had it been a 12 rounder, because Lopez was determined to not go out quietly.
Oh Danny Garcia wins definitely.
vargas isn't on garcias level yet.
QUOTE (daprofessor @ Oct 17 2011, 09:51 PM) *
vargas isn't on garcias level yet.

I believe now is the time to strike while the iron is regards to making this fight happen. I wouldn't mind seeing it next summer, because neither of the two have really gotten off to a huge start as far as opposition, so this fight will leave the loser behind.
I think it would be a pretty good matchup as Garcia applies relentless pressure & Vargas has some pretty good boxing skills. A win will put them a step closer to achieving their goals. If they were to fight right now, I'd pick Garcia because of his relentlessness & he quite possibly could lure Vargas into a brawl, which doesn't benefit Vargas @ all. However, I can see this becoming a trilogy as someone stated earlier. We 'll just have to see how it all plays out
Garcia definitely impressed me vs Holt. I liked pretty much everything I saw. If he is tough enough which I think he is, he'll beat the likes of Matthysse, Morales and even Maidana. He's the closest thing to a complete fighter in the 140 lb division. Young, power in both hands, defense, body punches, sets up his shots, killer instinct, everything man. Can't wait to see more of him
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