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Full Version: Allmenjoi wanna be twitter friends?
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Hi Kenetra Hardy, want to be twitter friends? Both of us boxing fans, so we can chew the fat and shit. Be cool to twitter with other FHypers

Okay asshole, where is this going?
You know what, screw it! Since you have a clear case of the "hush mouth", I will answer for you. This thread is going nowhere, because it a freakin' troll thread dummy! If I wasn't smart, I would think you were a troll as well. I've been warning you about your nonsense for the past couple of months, and its sickening at this point man.

For God's sake, you have only had 10 posts in 2 years, and all you've managed to do is start shit when you post no2.gif Its clear that you're either an old senile man who's fresh out of Cialis, or you're a quartet of teenage boys between the age of 12 and 14 who find it funny to screw around on the net...along with the thought of circle-jerking in the back yall's head. Find another hobby man...
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