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Full Version: Mike Jones vs Andre Berto
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What do you guys think, I almost see it as a toss up since both guys are so strong. It can prey much come down to who lands the first big shot, but I tend to side with Jones because berto seems to gas so fast.

Jones said he wants berto and he is his mandatory if he wins his fight dec.3rd
This actually wouldn't be a bad scrap! Its a test for the both of them, though I believe Jones is the more solid fighter of the two. If Berto tries to load up power punches from jump, then he's bound to get peppered throughout the fight. Jones' movement may also be a factor, but Berto knows how to get on the inside and make it a fight, for what its worth. If Jones doesn't waste punches, then he wont gas out like he did in the first Soto-Karass bout.
I heard Berto is supposed to fighting Randall Bailey.
But mike becomes his mandatory if he wins.
Berto beats him with ease. Mike Jones is an overrated fighter who's been relatively protected. Seriously, besides Soto Karass, who's the best fighter he's faced....Henry Bruseles maybe. This dude basically was beaten by Soto Karass on the undercard of Pac-Margarito anyway. I know Berto isn't that great, but he is leagues above Jones right now. He's faster, bigger, and a bit more powerful. Mike Jones needs to worry about Sebastian Lujan because that's no pushover. In fact, I think Lujan takes a decision over Jones. Jones is a decent boxer, but he's been matched relatively lightly and will be exposed soon.
I can dig that Klye! I believed Jones beat himself in that first Soto-Karass bout to be honest...punching himself out in the second round didn't do him any good.
I'm not disagreeing with you but berto has been relatively protected too. But I have always been a fan of bertos, but the guy doesn't seem to be improving, its disappointing to someone that's followed him for a while.
Andre Berto protected? Dude fought Louie Collazo, who is a very solid fighter. Collazo is way better than anybody Jones has fought. David Estrada and Steve Forbes are way better than anybody Jones has fought. Honestly, I'd like to see Mike Jones take a fight like Freddy Hernandez to see if he's ready. The fight with Lujan is a step in the right direction, but it's night and day when it comes to opponents for these guys. Berto is what he is...He was overhyped, but he's still a formidable fighter.
I don't think Mike has fought enough on HBO to properly call the winner of this fight...he's not a bad boxer (mike jones) and he comes from philly, alot of slick boxers has come out of philly.

This is something that you'll just have to watch and see what happens. Berto has more speed than dude for sure...but far as who has the better defense and who will be the busier fighter I cant call it.
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