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Full Version: ABNER MARES 1st look into training camp, Agbeko rematch Dec. 3
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I thought Mares fought a beautiful fight in their first match. How I see it is he fought fire with fire. Everytime Agbeko threw that hook he would cup Mares head and pull him down and Mares would respond with a body shot or throw it low. Every top fighter has their tricks and if you are gonna complain about Mares, complain about Agbeko as well.

Other than that I thought it was a great fight. I was impressed with Agbeko's speed and accuracy however Mares outsmarted / outboxed Agbeko. I predict a more clear win for Mares in the rematch
I think Agbeko takes this fight. Speed and accuracy and being able to keep the fight at distance will be key. Mares will most likely be wary of throwing too many body blows and might try to battle Adbeko in the middle of the ring. It'll be a great fight and I can't wait for December 3rd.
I think mares was more active and effective.. agbeko had and has the ability to beat him but he didn't let Gus hands go enough
Kind of hard to let your hands go and put combinations together when your balls feel like they've been smashed by a jackhammer for 12 rounds.
You know people can complain all they want and big props to agbeko for not complaining even though it might have hurt him in the long run, but once you see the ref is screwing you over you have to fight through it. I hate that zab Judah type shit. In the Alexander Bradley fight Alexander was the cause of most of the headbutts and Bradley didn't complain one bit and kept fighting. Agbeko nearly knocked Marez head off with a straight counter yet he didn't seem to sit on anything else after.
I laughed at how Mora says that there were no low blows and all of Mares' punches on the belt line, smh. It was also funny how Mora kept saying "keep 'em up" the whole damn fight. If they weren't low or drifting low, then why keep warning Mares to keep his punches up? They were both competitive in this bout, and Im awaiting the rematch. Jim Grey didn't hesitate to get in Mora's ass either laugh.gif
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