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Full Version: Jermain Taylor Comeback. This is Dangerous
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Jack 1000
Fightnews is reporting a Jermain Taylor comeback (along with Andre Direll.) Direll is a bit more understandable. However, Taylor coming back after two very harsh KO loses. This could be a dangerous situation. More here:

seems like abraham has a talent of ruining fighters careers.
Jermaine "Bad Decisions" Taylor no2.gif

Taylor is washed up. In his prime he would have beaten both Abraham and Froch a bit more easier than he was already beating them...until he got KO'd in the late rounds.

Dirrell? I'm disappointed in him, that guy has a ton of talent but doesn't know how to use it. He may need a new trainer or something. I honestly do believe he ducked Ward and that they will never fight against each other. I thought between Dirrel and Ward was going to be the possible finalists in the tourney atleast I was right on the latter.
I really wish that Jermain wouldn't have came back. He's taken some brutal losses, KO losses at that in the sport. I think he should fight C-level opposition if he really wants to continue like this. But the elite crop of boxers will put him in a comatose state
Its hard to even trust this guy going down the stretch. Just when he has the world thinking that he's gonna at least make it out of the fight...BOOM! Shit starts to get real...real ugly no2.gif I mean damn, this dude was getting knocked out in the 11th and 12th rounds with less than 2 minutes left in the fight.

Thats equivalent to taking a class for a whole semester and giving it everything to have, just to at least pass the class, and you end up getting a big ass 'F' anyway. Its like damn, why did I even get up to go to that class all those times? dntknw.gif

As its been said, the sport of boxing doesn't fire a fighter, the fighter has to either quit the sport or not be able to continue...
cshel is right, taylor always have you thinking he's about to turn the fight around or make it throughout 12 rounds then BOOM! out on the floor, he fades fast as the rounds go on, almost like a zab judah....but taylor makes it a little past 6 or 7 before he get's knocked out or get's winded.
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