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Full Version: Who would win?
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Idk if this has been asked before but here we go both fighters having thunder in both hands both with good head movement so, who would win in their primes?
Tyson by KO
frazier for me, i mean he took some destructive blows from ali and was still standing, are you telling me tyson had the power to stop him? doubtful tyson had the better head movement and defence but i think frazier had the better heart and would prevail
I think fraizer too he fought too many hard nosed opponents tyson fought truck drivers amd coal miners not enough fighters in their prime i mean larry holmes and spinks, smh....
Tyson destroys Frazier, 2nd or 3rd round KO.

It makes you wonder exactly who hits harder, Foreman or Tyson. Like he was for Foreman, Frazier would be open for Tyson's punching power. Frazier could withstand Ali's punches because Ali aint no George Foreman.
Tyson knocks him out - i imagine pretty swiftly too
Jack 1000
Tyson KO 2. This is Foreman-Frazier all over again. Put this prediction at about 65%

Frazier would have to get past the first five rounds to get Tyson frustrated and into ordinary mode, and would need the later rounds to have a chance. But it is a slim chance at 35%.

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