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Full Version: You're 4 rounds into a fight, which would you choose to continue on?
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fractured hand (power punch) and a mean cut that keeps having blood pour into one eye...... you basically only have one hand to use now, your other hand is useless...against a pressure fighter..

or a set of broken ribs.....with one eye completely closed...

In the second one both of your hands are completely fine. The first one, you have your ribs which are you choosing?

both situations are against a pressure fighter.

there are pros and cons for both situations, it's up to you to figure them out though.
I can deal with the blood and swelling, I've even fought with a microfracture in my hand. But from experience once your body is hurt your legs start giving away. That's why I love it when people effectively go to the body, cause that shit sucks for the person receiving it. Mayweather and cotto used to work the body very well but right now Bute has caught my eye with his tremendous body shots.
I had to go with the cut eye and fractured hand on this one. I've been in a street fight with an eye that was almost shut in a matter of seconds and a bit of blood running down (thats what happens when a "fruit-sundae" type dude sneaks you and leaves you to fight his homeboy because he's too damn scared to fight)...but I was ready to keep going. As far a fractured hand, never truly experienced that, but I would leave that up to adrenaline.

No way in hell I could go on with cracked ribs in a professional fight. No way in hell! I mean for God's sake, a street fight lasts anywhere from 45-90 seconds (if guys are throwin' down, its a bit shorter), but to have to fight for 90 seconds for 12 rounds under those conditions...hell no! Unless I knew deep down inside that I was flawless at protecting my body, I wouldn't do it. I would be more concerned about one of lungs getting punctured by those cracked ribs.
interesting responses...

how do you all expect to last all of those rounds with one hand though? lol
Shit, better hope ya got pop in both hands, or hope that the injuries took place WELLLLL after the halfway mark of the fight (when you were winning all/most of the rounds). If not, then get on your bike, clinch, and hope that the judges are in a nuthugging mood laugh.gif
Fuck fighting with broken ribs. I can deal with a cut eye, and I culd even deal with a broken hand. But if you can't breathe, you can't fight. I've broken my rib playing football, and it hurts like a bitch. Good luck fighting 8 more rounds with even one broken rib.
QUOTE (kingknockout @ Dec 17 2011, 12:49 AM) *
interesting responses...

how do you all expect to last all of those rounds with one hand though? lol

Well I'm orthodox and I got the microfracture from landing a hard jab when while stepping in on the top of the other guys head... So I started throwing lead rights and slap punching when I had to with my left. I also did my best lance Armstrong impression once the pain got worse, Haha so I used chels tactics a little..

But tons of fighters go with broken hands and win, most notably guys like mayweather, shit Roy beat Hopkins with one hand in their first fight. Happens a lot
I'll take one hand and the cut over both hands and broken ribs. If you have limited wind and more important, limited movement, you are a "sitting duck"...not even mention, you only can see out of one eye (you had better pray it's not the side of your opponent's strong side).

You can wipe away the blood and use your good hand. Moreover, the fractured hand can still give the illusion of a serviceable limb, while landing the "serious" punches w/ the good hand. Lastly, you still have good movement and can get on your bike a bit, in aims to pot shot.
QUOTE (bnoles4life @ Dec 17 2011, 10:42 AM) *
the fractured hand can still give the illusion of a serviceable limb, while landing the "serious" punches w/ the good hand.

i've fought and won with one hand before...i'll take the fractured hand.

i've also had my ribs broken. no thanks. it hurts to breath...lift ur arm...and even move around. that shit can be very painful! like getting stabbed with a knife. sad.gif
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