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Full Version: Hopkins vs Toney
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what'd you think?if toney managed to get down to light heavy safely as in not dropping shit loads of out in a short time how do you think it would go? both old men, it would be a technicians fight and the casual fans probably wouldnt like it, but i'd love to see it am not sure how it would go tbh, i think hopkins might claw out a MD or a split but i can see it being a close fight, what say you
I would have to go with the route that seems a bit easier...Hopkins moving up to HW, instead of Toney's fat ass sucking down to LHW. Hell they can even shoot a cruiserweight bout to make it even easier.

Im not even sure I like this match-up, but it would be interesting to see if Hopkins still had a bit of power at these higher weights. If so, then I would edge towards B-Hop for a close decision...if he stays busy and uses good head movement.
I think right now, James and Bernard are miles apart. But back in there prime, this would have been a really good fight.
James Toney would've beaten any version of Hopkins, it would've been an ugly fight though.
Hopkins vs Toney would have been great years ago.....I dont know exactly what Bernards plans are but I think he might be moving to 168....Hopkins vs Bute....Hopkins vs Abraham lol....Hopkins vs Taylor 3...anything.
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