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Full Version: Khan vs Guerrero, Maybe?
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I figured that this would be an easy fight to be made by GBP. It would serve as a redemption bout for Khan (if he wins), and a coming-out bout for Guerrero (if he wins). Honestly, win, lose, or draw...if the results of the bout end in an exciting fashion...this fight would catapult both fighters in a sense. This would be one of the biggest bouts at 140, and Im sure Khan could make the weight...especially if he's crying about a Peterson rematch.

I believe that Khan has the edge in speed, but Robert has the edge in power. Im almost curious as to know if Khan could take Guerrero's straight left, or that left uppercut followed by the left hook that puts guys out. Im sure Amir will circle Robert all night and land (with little power though), so we could be seeing a game of cat and mouse.

H: 5'10
R: 71"

H: 5'8
R: 70"

I'd like to see this fight. Very interesting but it could end up a snooze fest for casual fans. I think it could be a great fight but it could also end up looking like Mosley vs Mora.
Great fight. Could go either way. I'm really hoping that Khan Peterson rematch pushes through tho, if not this would be the next best thing for both fighters. Great comeback win for Khan and great step for Guerrero into the mainstream if he can win or like you said put on a good show
Interesting match.

I'm gonna go with a gut feeling here and say Guerrero. I think he is aggressive enough, and a good enough boxer to give Khan some trouble. Pretty sure he's got more pop than Peterson, and he is a better combo puncher.

Khan may be a little bitch again, and try to ride his unicycle around the ring and if that happens it will be a snoozefest.
I voted for Guerrero by close decision but honestly its because I cant stand Khan. Truth is Guerrero hasnt fought in so long I forgot what he brings to the table. I remember once upon a time I thought he was really good.
Styles are similar, Khan uses his legs more but I think guerrero has more power. But I think Khan could win in a close decision. He will use his legs and score in flurries. But Khan is very overrated, guerrero vs maidana is the type of fight that guerrero needed. But this fight would probably be boring, Khan runs like he stole something. And I don't mean use his legs, he literally runs.

This would be a close fight and I give the edge to The Ghost based on his power and his ability to box and actually pick his shots intelligently. I see The Ghost using the same strategy Peterson used and go to the body heavy in the early rounds and mid rounds and then target up stairs in the late rounds. Since Ghost hits harder than Peterson he can pick off Khan a bit better and make Khan respect his power and get on his bike while punishing him on the ropes. Khan just has that same hit and run movement and hand speed. It all depends on if Guerrero can handle the hand speed or if Khan can handle a man who will intelligently pressure you, hits hard and who can box.
I gave it to Guerrero with a close decision. I say this because, he may have a bit more power than Peterson did against Khan, so Khan may be in a decent amount of trouble if Robert is able to get off on him I also gave it to him because of his jab, which Im sure he will use to keep Khan at bay.

Now, if he stands there and lets Khan circle him and land those playground punches, then we may see a different fight. Im sure Khan will sell out in his next fight and go overboard with whatever the game plan may be, just to redeem himself from that last shitty performance of his. Had Peterson had a bit more power, he would've been outta there. Guerrero throws just as many punches as Khan, so he will have his hands full.
Guerrero takes this one by UD. But not as close as some people here think it'll be.
This fight needs to be made in the meantime. Khan needs to leave that Peterson rematch alone at the moment, and Guerrero needs a credible fight (after so long). Khan can get back to Peterson at the end of this year (Nov. or Dec.).After this, its clear that Khan will no longer be a 140 pounder.
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