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Full Version: Boxing During Dinner ep. 37
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These guys are fucking retards. "It's everybody's fault"...I stopped watching right then and there.

We know whose fault it is and we've known since 2009. People who stick to that same inane logic about "both sides need to grow up", please. Fucking kill yourselves. You're only saying that horse shit because it feels like what's happening, instead of reality.

Reality is that Bob Arum has made it known through Judge Weinstein that they had no intention of negotiating with Floyd and that position simply has not changed.

If someone is going to beat Manny Pacquiao, it's going to be a fighter from within Top Rank.

Arum is not going to let Floyd build fame and fortune at the expense of his number one fighter.

Also, Arum has made hundreds of millions in his career and this is not even about money.

It's about him standing in the way of Floyd's legacy because Floyd is the proverbial "one that got away". The one who was too intelligent to buy into the fucking bullshit that Arum's been about for decades.

Eat shit and die Arum.
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