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As we all know, Pavlik and Williams were supposed to meet in the ring a couple of times back in 2009, but complications on Pavlik's end, brought the negotiations to a halt. Had this fight taken place when Pavlik recovered from the staph infection or whatever was wrong with him at the you think he was mentally able to compete with Williams at that time?

At that time, Williams was still considered a "threat" since he hadn't been completely exposed by a fighter (other than Quitana). We saw Paul look a bit shitty in the first Martinez fight (which I believe Martinez was a last minute replacement), and the rematch sealed the deal. Would Pavlik have put him out of his misery back then?

I think this fight would have been a good one. However NO,.. I dont think Pavlik could have been mentally prepared.

After his demoralizing loss to Hopkins, Kelly couldnt deal with the loss plain and simple IMO.

To step into the ring with the most avoided fighter in the world at the time?? ...

Funniest thing this Kelly had a right hand from hell and woulda been able to knock Williams brain into the next century had he known it was possible...
Paul is his on worse enemy in the ring

1. He doesn't use his height and reach to his advantage

2. His offense is his defense, which leaves him open all the time

one of the fights i was looking forward to. it was hard to breakdown but i think pavlik would have gotten the nod just because of his size advantage. it wouldnt have been easy though.
IMO, Pwill would have boxed circles around Pavlik. I just dont think Kelly could have come up with a good enough gameplan to beat Paul, and excute it.
Wow, interesting answer guys! I almost thought that everyone would say that P. Willy would get floored and finished. Im guessing that most of the answers stemmed from Williams's state of mind (around that time), and Pavlik's staph infection, promotional issues (at that time), and his alcohol abuse that wasn't revealed at that time.

I agree that Williams's high punch output and his use of the jab (which was somewhat fading around that time), would've kept Pavlik mentally busy (which would've been that straw that broke the camel's back) and always on the defense. On the other hand, had Pavlik been able to land his right hand somewhere in the fight, then Im sure Paul's chin would've been tested.

I do feel that this fight could've gone either way...Williams by UD or Pavlik by TKO.
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