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Full Version: Bute vs Dirrell
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I think this could be more interesting than Froch vs Bute...Personally I feel that Bute would beat Froch, probably convincingly (especially in Canada, if the fight happens it needs to be at a neutral site)...

Ward would beat Bute imo (if it were somewhere other than Canada or Oakland), but I would love to see that fight...Ward will most likely go to Denmark and whoop Kessler's ass AGAIN, but how do you all feel about the Bute\Dirrell Fight?

Dirrell should have got the nod against Froch, and he was putting Abraham back through elementary school before AA punched him while he was down...

I'd go with Dirrell any day if he could show a little more mental toughness. But right now I'd have to favor Bute. He is relentless.
Good match up. I'd pick Dirrell. I can understand the criticism of mental toughness against Dirrell, but for me, he showed a massive improvement in mental toughness from when he fought Froch to when he fought Abraham.

Even though I pick Dirrell, Bute coould surprise me, but I would expect Dirrell to win and as they say, show his class.
I have to go with Bute on this one. I like Dirrell, but Im not sure about some of these fights that he plans on taking. If I remember correctly, Abraham was getting close to turning things around in the Dirrell fight, before the incident occurred.

Now, if Dirrell maintains his discipline and be technical throughout the fight, then maybe he can fuck Bute's mental up, and pull off a win. If Bute is given the chance to sit down on his punches anytime during the fight, then we may see something different.
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