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Full Version: Hatton vs Katsidis at 140
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Okay, so both of these guys are wild as shit. Who wins?
Hatton. Katsidis gets hit too much. Like, too much.
yeah but hatton never like getting touched to the body plus i don't know if he could have fought katsidis' fight for 12 rounds. although he is bigger that kat. difficult to predict. before hatton's venture to 147 i would go for hatton all the way, post mayweather and post paq, katsidis wins.
Hatton wins easily tko 10 i see it like the marquez fight for katsidis expect katsidis will be way more affective early. I just see hattons body attack wearing katsidis down and making him subject to alot of hard shots. The hatton before may and pac
The only Katsidis fights that I remember watching were when he fought on the Mayweather/Marquez undercard and when he recently lost to Marquez. Based on that, I'm going with Ricky "Guinness, an eight ball and an ugly hooker" Hatton. Why...I feel that Hatton was the better boxer of the two.

Katsidis has the ugliest right hand in the world... dude tries to hit you with his pinky knuckle with every punch.
Not to mention that when he punches, it looks like he's throwing elbows laugh.gif
Yup. I think he needs to work on some boxing fundamentals... a big heart can only take you so far.

Hatton in a brutal beating 8-10 rounds KO
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