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Full Version: Potential Opponents for Mike Alvarado at 140???
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Im almost curious as to why Mike Alvarado's name isn't mentioned much when the 140 lb division is brought up, but dude is warrior in the ring. He had a bloody seesaw war with Prescott, and ended up stopping him. I know that some of the fighters in the poll aren't TR fighters, but I believe some of these can be made/

This guy really has some potential. Im glad somebody notices him ;-)

Id like to see him against Robert Guerrero. Guerrero has been loud last few months and he should definitely step into that ring with somebody like Alvarado to earn the right to THINK about going there in Floyd or Sergio. This would allow him to THINK about these guys in his next 2-3 fights with top opposition that would earn him his shot at them biggrin.gif

Yep, its more about Guerrero but he needs a good spank-test. And Alvarado is capable of that.
he got luckey prescott gassed, that was it, he isn't a top tier fighter like peterson khan or bradley and at the moment there names are the only ones flying around. i mean he was being outboxed for 8 of those rounds, you put him in with any of the better fighters than prescott and they'll put him to sleep.

Guerrero vs Alvarado is a wonderful fight that can be made. Since Guerrero was wasting his time chasing a fight that wasn't going to happen just based off of rumors he should start building his resume up at 140; starting with Mike. Awesome fight to start with for Guerrero.
Slugfest with Maidana.
I also voted for a Marcos Maidana bout myself! It would be a great one, somewhat of a phone booth type fight...but I see Alvarado getting the short end of the stick when it comes to who outlasts who.

Two most likely bouts that can be made under the TR banner for Alvarado, are a Bradley or a Rios fight. Mike's a pretty good fighter, but he may pose a safe pick for these two guys. Im thinking his height would give Bradley problems, but Bradley will find it quite easy to get on the inside.
That was on FNF, wasn't it? Earlier/mid 2011? I saw that one, but didn't pay attention to him any more after that. I'll keep his name in mind now.
QUOTE (Cheesey1 @ Jan 30 2012, 11:31 PM) *
That was on FNF, wasn't it? Earlier/mid 2011? I saw that one, but didn't pay attention to him any more after that. I'll keep his name in mind now.

If you're speaking of the Prescott fight, then was on the undercard of the JMM/Pac 3 PPV.
Alvarado is going into Top Rank Witness Protection program, preserving him for a fight with either Mercito Gesta or Brandon Rios. He's scrappy, but he doesn't have the goods to make it happen methinks.
Fuck! Nevermind...Prescott is already trying to talk up a rematch, which would be worth the watch.
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