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Full Version: Marcos Maidana Vs Prime Ricky Hatton
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Hello, Fellow boxing fans and FightHype-gooers I am back with another episode of Fantasy Fights Series. After having a hiatus and vacation which I enjoyed I will now take another in depth analysis of both fighters strengths and weaknesses, also giving an idea of how the fight would've gone.

Marcos "El Chino" Maidana Vs a Prime Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton, a match up that like this is a nothing short of a epic tug of war but using only their fists.

The Skill Sets:

Marcos Maidana - Is a terminator of the sort. KO power in both hands, Good inside game, knows how to cut off the ring, throws leaping deadly left hooks, can sustain a upper cut assault for quite awhile, iron will power, unwavering pressure, throws combos, very high tolerance to pain, steel chin, and high punch resistance.

Ricky Hatton - The Raging Bull of Britain. Good power in both hands, Great inside game, knew how to cut off the ring, throws a monstrous left hook to the body, very deadly body punching attack, decent movement, non-stop pressure, consistent use of rough house tactics, threw combos, decent chin, high tolerance to pain, and decent punch resistance.

The Achilles Heel:

Marcos Maidana - A sucker for every punch in the book, average footwork, one dimensional, no defense, throws wild punches a bit too often, fights in straight lines, struggles with boxers who move alot or clinch, exposes body often, leaves head open for counters often, and stamina issues.

Ricky Hatton - No defense, a sucker for everything thrown including the kitchen sink, average footwork, suspect-able to cuts easily, leads with head at times, hands are down often, and a questionable struggle against stronger fighters and boxers.

The Breakdown in 12 Rounds

RD 1- I see both fighters without an inch of hesitation meet up in the middle of the ring and start throwing combos of punches. Billy Graham who is Hatton's trainer has instructed Hatton to put in that "blue collar" work on El Chinos body as he suspects weakness to the left side; under the armpit. Hatton pushes Maidana back and launches a 4 body combo assault as Maidana immediately responds with a hellacious uppercut and a mean 1-2 left/right hooks. Hatton precedes to throw a 6 punch combo to the body and Maidana comes back with a 5 punch combo to the head that shakes up Hatton. Hatton responds with a 1-2 hook upstairs and then another assault on the body of Maidana. El Chino throws a HARD right hand that snaps the back of Hattons head but Hatton holds on as Maidana tries to shrug The Hitman off of him. The ref breaks them up and Hatton darts in for a 4 punch combo upstairs and goes for a 3 punch attack on Marcos' body. El Chino throws 2 uppercuts and then a repeat of 1-2 left/right hooks to the face and body of Hatton to end the round. 10-9 Maidana

RD 2- Swelling is beginning to show on Hattons face; on the right side and also on the bridge of his nose. Maidana's face is almost without damage but with a minor bruise on the left side of his cheek. The Britain fans that have come to see Hatton are loud and proud to be here. They are all singing the renown "There Is Only One Ricky Hatton". Graham is now trying to get his charge to focus on that sustained body attack. Marcos' trainer wants Maidana to continue what he's doing. The round begins with Hatton using feints and then diving in towards Maidana who responds with 2 HARD hooks that Hatton took surprisingly well. Hatton forces his way inside of Maidanas guard and unloads several combos to the left side of Maidana's body which puts El Chino down. The ref counts to 8 and Hatton springs forth across the ring and instinctively goes after the body to which Maidana holds. Ricky shrugs off El Chino's attempt to clinch and responds with several left/right hooks and 4 HARD punches to the body of Maidana. Maidana is obviously in pain but shrugs it off and throws 2 amazing uppercuts that wobbles Ricky Hatton. Hatton also clinches, while Maidana launches an onslaught upon The Hitman who is taking left, rights, left and a HARD right hook that almost puts down The Manchester Warrior. Hatton clinches, Maidana is trying to finish him off but Hatton is clinching well enough to protect himself. The ref breaks them up and Maidana throws 2 wild hooks that misses its target and Hatton clinches again but Maidana is now putting on a body assault of his own that causes Hatton to respond with a flurry of combos upstairs to end the round. 10-8 Hatton

RD 3 - There is blood coming out of the mouth of Hatton and a cut on Hattons left eye brow has opened up. The bruises on Hattons cheeks are more prominent now. Marcos has swelling on the left side of his face and a big bruise on the right side of his face; under his right eye. No blood on him yet. The round starts with Hatton launching an assault with both fighters launching a flurry of punches on each other. Maidana with a 4 punch combo and Hatton with a 6 punch combo plus a uppercut. El Chino responds with 2 HARD hooks and Hatton brings a HARD punch to the body and goes inside and goes to war on Maidana's midsection. Maidana looks hurt and he clinches but Hatton pushes him off and throws a flurry upstairs that makes Maidana back up. Hatton sustains his siege assault and throws HARD lefts and rights to the body of El Chino.
Maidana seems to be taking a break in this round and is taking punishment to the body. Maidana then comes with a ferocious massive combo flurry that hurts Hatton bad. Hatton is also responding with his own bombs and against his trainers instructions he fights head to head against El Chino. Maidana wobbles The Hitman with a HUGE titanic right hook that sends Hatton down to the canvas. The ref counts to 7 and Hatton is still very shaky while getting up. Maidana jumps in and throws bomb after bomb but Hatton is moving around and clinching when El Chino gets close. Hatton is furiously bleeding at the nose and the ref may be set to stop the fight if Hatton doesn't throw something. Hatton grabs for the perfect clinch to save some time. Maidana tries to work inside and launches a body assault but Hatton responds with a fury of a HARD 8 punch combo all to the body while almost being put down again. Instead he puts El Chino down for a second time.
The ref counts to 8 and the fight continues as Maidana backs away as The Hitman unleashes a nasty uppercut combos to the body that stops El Chino near the ropes. Their both trading in the inside as the crowd goes into a huge uproar. Both strike at each other until Hatton blasts off with a HARD left/right hook combo to the body that drops El Chino to the body again. El Chino gets up at the count of 9 but the ref waves it off as El Chino gets up in excruciating look of grimace on his face. Maidana is arguing with the refs decision as Hatton celebrates with his Britains on the turnbuckle post. Hatton with blood smeared across his nose and mouth with bruised/swollen cheeks claim victory in a tough battle of the ages. 10-7 Hatton

Prime Ricky Hatton TKO 3 Marcos Maidana

Hatton even though he strayed a bit in the 3rd round against his trainers advice of going head hunting too much with Maidana he still sustained a disciplined and committed body assault that greatly weakened Maidana's output and punching power. Maidana didn't sustain much damage but was beaten to the body which caused him to lose his legs alot. Classic short fight.
Got to be honest, I didn't read your post with the exception of the bottom line...

...and I disagree with it.

2 main points of consideration: One, Maidana has never been stopped. Two, Hatton never stops anyone inside 3 rounds. Based on those 2 facts I disagree with your pick.

I would take Hatton to win the fight by clear UD or possibly a late stoppage due to cumulative damage/body punching, but I see Maidana is far too durable to lay down inside 9 minutes.

Just my opinion.

I believe we touched on this match up recently, and if I remember correctly...I had Maidana mowing Hatton down after he shat his pants and realized that he couldn't do much with Maidana. Hatton has a pretty good inside game, but so does Maidana (hence that short uppercut on the inside that closed Morales's eye, along with those body shots).
QUOTE (BrutalBodyShots @ Jan 30 2012, 09:29 PM) *
Got to be honest, I didn't read your post with the exception of the bottom line...

...and I disagree with it.

2 main points of consideration: One, Maidana has never been stopped. Two, Hatton never stops anyone inside 3 rounds. Based on those 2 facts I disagree with your pick.

With that said i dont think Hatton had it in him to beat Maidana. There is no quit in Maidana at all. I see a back and forth struggle between both fighters in the early rounds, with Marcos coming on strong in the middle of the fight and stopping hatton
What about Maidana vs Tszyu?

I dont have the luxury of reading this entire thread right now, i just wanted to make real quick point..

At what point was hatton not in his prime?...

I think he was beat in his prime by Mayweather, I think he was knocked out in his prime by Pacman..

i will give the benefit that he may have been on the decline at the Pac fight, (maybe due to drugs n blah blah).. but its a hard arguement to sustain when he just convinsingly beat Malinagi
OAN he stops Maidana in 3??????

do you even watch boxing?
This fight wouldnt even make it to the final bell. Im a huge maidana fan but i will say hatton would give as good as he would take but both of these guys come forward and are not hard to find...even a prime hatton was easy to find. So for me it would come down to their power. Hatton has good power but i believe maidana has great power. The only reason why maidana gets talked about is because of his power and his never back down style and for that i think he wins by late 11th round ko.....i see it kinda of like the ending of maywheather hatton, maidana hits him with a good shot and hatton backs away and stumbles to the floor he tries to get up but his feet arent under him.
Hatton was an undisputed champ with a crazy stamina and he only lost to Floyd in a competitive fight and well we know what happened with Pacman.
Maidana has very poor stamina, poor technique, terrible footwork and gets talked a lot because of his KO of Ortiz. He's a very hyped fighter Maidana is and now he's fighting another fighter with a lot of hype in Devon. Just imagine if Maidana wins against Alexander, he might be able to stop a prime Mayweather
QUOTE (BoxingStill#1 @ Jan 31 2012, 10:54 PM) *
At what point was hatton not in his prime?...

I'd say Hatton wasn't in his prime WHEN he faced Mayweather simply due to the fact that he had to bump up from 140 for that fight. Then with the damage and KO he took at the hands of Mayweather I think that took a lot out of Hatton... both physically and mentally having lost that undefeated record.

The fact that he beat Paulie prior to Pacquiao doesn't mean much to me, and Paulie hits like a girl so Hatton's chin had an easy night in the ring.

The shot that Pacquiao knocked Hatton out with IMO doesn't effect Hatton that way had they met at 140 prior to the Mayweather fight. Put him on his ass and hurt him, sure... but not lay him out for 5 minutes. Hatton up until the Mayweather fight (even in that fight) showed pretty good punch resistence throughout his career; at least the ability to recover quickly when hurt. Hatton was dazed from a Pacquiao shot that landed 15 seconds prior to the KO shot too.

Anyway to answer your question, I say the last time Hatton was "prime" was when he beat Castillo... and he was "near prime" when he faced Mayweather - the only difference being that it was a non junior welter fight.

Ricky Hatton by late stoppage or by decision.

Most of you so called boxing fans are riding the "now hype train" and forgetting easily who Ricky Hatton was and are extremely downplaying his skills and upping the ante of Maidana's. This is truly a non-bias argument and idea of the 2 warriors. But I respect all opinions just at least come with some knowledgeable argument to back your ideas like I did.

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