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Full Version: HBO@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT)-Chavez Jr. vs. Rubio: SPOILERS 15 Mins. Later
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I was disgusted by JCC Jr's worthless Martinez mention. We all know they don't want that fight. He looked very mediocre against a clearly smaller guy. He'd better figure out a way to stay at his current weight because if he starts fighting the likes of Andre Ward and those guys, he's going to get punished.

As far as Donaire, I think he's going to bore himself into getting KO'd. I think he invited guys to hit him just so they won't run away. He doesn't have the discipline like a Floyd Mayweather to say, fuck it, you wanna run, I'll take the easy win. He has some holes in his technique but I like watching him fight. He throws a gorgeous uppercut. I just wish he went to the body more.
Chavez was allowed to leave the dressing room without leaving a urine sample? The WBC is corrupt and they sure do look out for their fighters. Unlike the WBO. The orginization based out of Puerto Rico who forced their own countryman into a situation that didn't benefit him. I'm outraged over the WBC's statement where they say they simply forgot. Boxing needs new testing measures ASAP. This can't continue to happen before someone gets gravely injured.
No post-fight testing??? WTF is really going on?
don't mess with texas
Jack 1000
It appears that Texas overtuned ABC rules to use open scoring. As bad as that is, They didn't tell Rubio or his corner:

No drug testing either.

Could lawsuits come from this?

Jack 1000
In Depth article on the drug testing fiasco. (Credit: Max Boxing)

Negligence is a fat bitch...
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