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Full Version: Though the Fight is Officially Canceled...
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Though we wont have the chance to witness this highly anticipated rematch for some months (Im sure), this promo video that was made with Showtime was nothing less than cool! This is a good look for Showtime, and it has an original twist to it.

Showtime's Fight Camp 360 has proven to be worth viewing, and actually "1-ups" 24/7 in a few areas. I will still give it to HBO when it comes to the Face-Off segments, Showtime doesn't really touch them in that department.

Check this out and see if you notice anything...
the closing seconds seem very telling to me. berto taking that deep breath...looking away from the camera...i sensed insecurity and doubt. i wasn't surprised when i heard the fight was cancelled. i believe he has an injury...but i know he has serious doubts as well.
The only thing I find bad is the fact that with what happened during the Mayweather ortiz I will never be excited for Ortiz fight ever again. Even with the best 24/7 or 360 .

On a different note though, it certainly looks like a good "show". Showtime has definitely improved its look lately.
1:03-1:06. That motherfucker even when he's getting knock down of KTFO he just smiles like that.
i prefer showtime because the way they display the tale of the tape, mainly the arm length smile.gif also i prefer 360
Man those closing seconds of the video REALLY shows us where Berto stands, as far as his mental state of the first fight. Dude is still takin' it hard no2.gif
Berto reminds me of hatton on 24-7, when he was asked how he was doing after the Mayweather fight lol.
QUOTE (pimpfighterROQ @ Feb 6 2012, 11:21 PM) *
Berto reminds me of hatton on 24-7, when he was asked how he was doing after the Mayweather fight lol.

Now you're going to make me look back and see Hatton's expression laugh.gif
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