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Full Version: Arum, Chavez Jr, and the WBC
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Jack 1000
I don't think Julio will ever fight Sergio. Arum won't allow it, and the WBC may say they will make the fight, but that will happen when pigs fly. They don't want "The Son of A Legend" in a losing situation. They being the WBC and Arum. Bob and Jose know that they don't have a lot of years left, (both are in their 80;s) and don't want to risk the loss of a cash cow.

If by some miracle the WBC and Arum make Martinez-Chavez Jr, I don't think it will be the massacre that people think. It would be a good fight. However, would Chavez's weight gain if it happened again make it unfair for Sergio. I heard the Martinez-Barker fight was very ordinary. Would Chavez get a bullshit decision no matter what if it gets to the cards?

The WBC would insist on a rematch clause for "Son of a Legend." If he loses, no matter how he loses, I think they will give him a commemorative belt just for being Julio's kid. Chavez Jr, will NEVER walk away from the WBC in a totally losing situation. He will get Champion Emeritus status no matter what.

Do you think Mexicans see the political bullshit that is Chavez Jr, Arum, and the WBC? Or, are most of them general population people, who don't see the politics and cheer everything Julio Jr. does because after all he is "The Son of a Legend?"

Unfortunately, I dont see this fight happening. In the event that it does, there will be a major fuck-over before the contracts are even signed. Sadly, Sergio doesn't have the upper hand in this situation, in terms of negotiating. Reasons why:

1. Bob Arum is on the other end of the negotiations, so there's no way any of Sergio/Dibella's requests will be met without a bitch-fit or a curve ball from Arum.
2. Chavez appears to be the bigger draw/name
3. If the fight is made, it will more than likely be made at 168 (curve ball)

I can already picture how the contract will go, and it may be something like the first Khan/Peterson contract before Lamont declined it.
1. Sergio will get the smaller split of the purse
2. The fight will more than likely be on the west coast (Texas, California, or even Mexico)
3. If Sergio wins and become champ, he will have to rematch Chavez for the same lower split that he fought for the first time...though he would champ, which Im sure warrants more money.

As I see it, Sergio will be put at as much of a disadvantage as they can possibly put him. They will chap his ass throughout the whole negotiation process and get DiBella all worked up and distracted. Classic TR bullcrap...
Martinez wants to fight big fights before he retires and achieve great accolades while in boxing. So you know he wants chavez, hes been calling out Pac, Mayweather, Cotto, and chavez. I also believe he would be a bigger draw if he was able to get the fights he wants against the people he wants because sergio martinez is good, he would beat chavez, his technique is better than chavez's brawling. If bob arum denies Sergio the fight, id be pissed for sergio since he already called arum out for this before and it makes chavez look like b**** haha O:)
chavez is happy fighting bums. he gets a easy pay day and gets to slack off (hence the DUI)... if he signs the contract to fight sergio he knows he has to work his ass off and still likely get beat
Agreed. As you said that if it happens (pigs flying) it won't be a massacre, but as long as the weight's a good weight and Martinez is more active than he was aginst Barker, I can see Martinez getting a late TKO.
Jack 1000
Read on another forum that the WBC will only accept Chavez Jr. against Martinez next. I can't believe that. Arum will do everything to prevent that fight from happening. And even if it does, Chavez Jr. will get all the breaks, similar to what is stated above.

Any big fight that involves Arum's approval, has the ability to make any fan feel like a kid after they find out that Santa isn't real...
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