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Full Version: Ward Vs. Kessler
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Good update by Scott Smith today (it's on FightHype, the one re. Khan/Prescott). Kessler definitely sounds like a cry baby and if he comes out with some ridiculous demands then Ward should tell him to f' off. Ward "whupped that ass" fair and square the last time and Kesller's the one who needs the rematch.
Khan got what he wanted after his constant whining & crying, so now he passed it on to Kessler. It's contagious, I tell ya! Well, wait a minute...not it's not, if that were the case, then Guerrero would've had a fight booked by now laugh.gif Guess not, huh?
Ward vs. Kessler will be a replay of the first fight, he couldn't handle Ward and i guess he's afraid to come to terms wi the fact that he lost. He complains like he was winning the fight. Sounds to me like he wants Ward to come to him and get robbed of a fight. I hope they do rematch at some point but i don't see Ward giving in to Kessler's cry baby pleas
QUOTE (mrchitown @ Feb 16 2012, 11:10 PM) *
He complains like he was winning the fight.

That's where Im stuck at...
QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Feb 16 2012, 10:18 PM) *
That's where Im stuck at...

Me and you both, I literally question the fact of if he actually watched the fight. His sense of reality is unique to say the least
not sure if theres a point to ward fighting anyone, seems like he'll be schooling them all, he'd be better off going to light heavy.
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