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Full Version: Chavez vs Pavlik
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Okay guys, this match up was brought up last night on the radio show, and immediately struck interest. Chavez has done an okay job with the guys that have been put in front, but Pavlik is still a live dog that could possibly catapult his career.

As we all know, Pavlik has had his issues in the past, but does he still have what it takes to beat Chavez? His last outing against Lopez (almost a year ago) was okay, but Lopez was landing some of his shots. Last weekend, Lopez nearly got scrubbed by a guy who was 3-5-1, so that's somewhat telling.

Think Arum will let this happen, being the fact that he was well on his to screwing Pavlik out of some serious money before he pulled out of his last bout?

I don't think so this is still too risky for arum. Not when he can fight marg in Mexico or something and make more at less risk
I mean, most people think Pavlik is on the downside of his career, so that may be an advantage for Julio. If Arum happens to make this one, I believe the purse split would be an issue. He almost screwed Kelly out of some serious money before he pulled out of that fight. He offered him some ESPN FNF money, no deal.

It's almost evident that Chavez will get the bigger split, but if Kelly speaks up (which he will), he's gonna make sure he doesn't get lowballed too bad. As far as the fight goes, I dont see Julio banging with him early, especially if he isn't curious to see if Kelly still packs a punch.

I picked chavez close decision controversially. I think Pavlic would be more than competitive, even see him winning according to everyone else besides the judges. I think it has the potential for one of those good bout bad decision kind of fights.
H: 6'2.5
R: 75

Chavez Jr:
H: 6'0
R: 73

I forgot to mention that this one would take place at Super Middleweight (168), so that things will be clear.

...and it gets more and more interesting! It appears that Pavlik will make his return on April 14th as the co-feature of Gamboa/Rios. According to Arum, Pavlike will have two tune-up bouts, then the Chavez fight will be 160. Really? 160?

Pavlik's return bout is supposed to take place at 166 lbs, and who knows what weight his next bout will take place at. That 160 sounds like a "throw him to the wolves" move. Im not sure how Kelly performs at MW, but it would be even if Chavez's big lazy ass move up to 168 for this bout.
I like Pavlik if Pavlik is right. IFFFF this fight ever happens, it means that Pavlik has his mind right.
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