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Full Version: Jose Sulaiman-OWNED!
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Jack 1000
Check out this Interview Here:

Go to about 18:00 in to where it starts.

everybody knows the WBC is extremely corrupted, they give Chavez Jr all the time he needs and won't pressure him into taking his Mandatory, but they was quick to strip Bradley's title and basically HAND IT TO MORALES and they FORCES MARTINEZ hand over his title

Sulaiman said all of the wrong shit, too soon. Right after they asked him about the purposes of sanctioning bodies, his bullshit spilled at a rapid rate. Then he said that they would "withdraw recognition" of Chavez Jr. as the champ, rather than "stripping him", which he believes is a strong word no2.gif

So technically, he would still be the champ, but he wont be "recognized" as such. Sad thing is, when they asked if Chavez Jr.'s "withdrawn recognition" of his title, Sergio wouldn't get his title back. He (Sergio) would STILL have to fight Chavez in order to get the belt back. How in the fuck does that work?

I listened up to the Jose Olusegun part, but he lost me. The Bobfather and Big Jose...O.Gs!
QUOTE (Cheesey1 @ Mar 5 2012, 07:45 PM) *
but he lost me

Just have a little drink while you listen to it...the alcohol helped me translate some of the stuff he said, but even when I understood it...his logic was still ass-backwards laugh.gif
jose sulaiman is an honest man with integrity who runs a very well respected organization in boxing. no one should question his authority. ultimately, he will do what is right for boxing (in mexico). laugh.gif

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